Consoles event reset?

So i just logged in and i can see the new troop but it look like the last event didin’t reset and i didin’t received my rewards also

Edit: this is xbox and ps4 issue @Nimhain , @Sirrian please help


Same for me.

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That figures!

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Wow this is disappointing, I hope it resets soon.

Yeah, no reset on ps4 either.

The new troops are in the store, the actual guild and PVP resets though are probably slightly delayed. That’s how it usually is in my experience.

Usually new event and troop are released at the same time

No, both happen at the same time, at least on xbox one.

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Something is amiss! Still have a legendary task, no reset. PS UK.

I see @Sirrian answer the other post but it look like he doesn’t care about this

another day another error, classic gow devs work


No we’re currently checking it out!


The troops are IN the store, so…clearly PS4 is slightly delayed this week. I literally bought the new troop glory chests, so. The actual reset should come soon enough.

Okay - we’re seeing PvP has reset just fine on our consoles here. Also, we’re seeing all items in the store appearing correctly… so I’m not certain what the issue is… we’ll keep investigating.

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Ty for the reply i will check and confirm

Edit: still no reset for me

The item in the store was not an issue, only the event who didin’t reset at the same time then troops

Can anyone affected by this fully close the game and restart the game?

Then let us know if it still haven’t reset.

I did it twice, still no reset for me

yes, problem persists after restarting

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Are you on PS4 or Xbox?

Xbox, im trying hard reset now

Edit: hard reset also didin’t work