I chellenge YOU to Silverglade Power race!

just joking, i wont be racing this myself yet, saving for mythic week :smile:

anyway making this out of curiosity:

Who is gonna be the the first one to make Silverglade 5* kingdom power?

i dare you to brag and tell us :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I got it about a half hour ago… :slight_smile:


screen shot or didnt happen :grin:

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Wut? xD
But where did you find common and rare troops?
I’ve only got it to 3* so far.

i think its called gold :smiley:

millions of gold chests…

You just saved all those gold keys xD
Well congratulations! :slight_smile:

I mostly spent gold for gold chests…


Putting us to shame Eika. I hope you’re happy with yourself.

-Insert smiling man pic-


‘I planned to finish it in a month from now, but my heart wanted it differently…’


Almost there…

Been planning this for a while. Took 450 event keys to get Elspeth up to that point, now I have to finish the event halfway and the questline to get her to mythic, then open about 25k or so more gold keys and hope my estimates were on point for the rares.


I am 10 power points (one troop level) away. Just need to ascend the common Drakon from legendary to mythic. I probably have enough gold in the bank to do this… but I don’t want the RSI from clicking that many 50 gold key purchases…

I would have had this hours ago but I don’t have the Arcane Swamps to trait Krystenax for some reason. And Explore is being … unhelpful.

Also I got bored. And some RSI.

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The RSI issue is real. Can confirm. I have no idea why the bottom gold key button doesn’t open or purchase at least 100. I know we need to keep the 1 and 10 buttons for people that just started the game five minutes ago, but the low level brown tasks alone are handing out 670 a week, which is 14 separate openings just for those with the bottom button opening only 50. I’d prefer 1000 if I had the keys on hand, but 100 at least makes more sense than 50.

Anyways, 25k gold keys later:

…and I come up two Swordmasters short. Back to the grind, I guess.


Grand totals spent:
2200(ish) glory keys
100 gem keys
28,750 gold keys
450 event keys

It was close, but I managed it without having to spend gold or glory to buy extra keys.

Time to start saving for the next kingdom.

One thing I noticed… none of my teams power level changed when I got the five star, nor did my minimum gold go up as it does with any other unlocked bonus. If anyone else is close, can you please check if five-starring this kingdom correctly affects team scores/minimum PvP gold?


Yeah, I know my score went up when I leveled the kingdom to 10. But I have screenshots that happened to have a team opened from before I five-starred my kingdom, showing that my score did not increase at all:



I’m 99% sure the same was true for Blackhawk, which I also just finished five starring in the process of opening keys for Silverglade. The obvious tip off is that PvP minimum gold stayed exactly the same, and after seeing that hundreds of times, its very noticeable if it changes at all. I have the same minimum PvP gold value of 847 as I did after I finished leveling Silverglade to 10 last week, and I’ve five starred two kingdoms since then.

maybe restart game and check?

Sort of close, but still far from the last star:

I never save a lot of gold keys because i get glory from those since i can’t spend much time playing pvp in general. I’m missing Runics for Kristenax’s traits, because i spent some on the Mythics i got.

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Didn’t work. Started a support thread.

@Ivar - Mythic Krystneax and 3 Elspeth… ouch. You are actually about 250-400 event keys off for just her, so you probably shouldn’t spend more right now. You are still like 18k gold keys shy on the commons, too, so that is going to be a while. Going to be slow going getting copies of Elspeth after the event, but there is always the next event if you don’t have it by then.