Cool screenshot topic


… Are we sure? 20 is… 20. I lost the other thread lol.


Yup. Sure. @Terrorist is in my guild-family is why I remembered. There are several threads out there scattered but this is the one most relevant:

Most glory from one tribute income | Leader: Terrorist - 944 Glory!


wow that’s alot


I really liked this:

Got it after I cancelled a map task. Not bad! :grin:


By far the best daily task to get and if you’re lucky, get the 25 ranked pvp wins to go with it. I think that is the best combo you can get for daily tasks. 45 gems. :+1::+1:


First time Ive gotten this, good to know there is some solid harder to get Tasks.


I have never skipped a beat in two years. You never know what good ones you’ll get to make up for the lower ones you get.

I always liked the task system and it is one of my favorite parts of the game.


I might be joining the Soft Club soon. Be prepared for a hit yourself in the face Raid Event with Serpent and Sand Cobra. :+1:


Woohoo level 200 in Pet Masteries.


It could also read on its cast ‘Poison, Disease, and Stun a random enemy in first Slot’.


Opened up a few glory keys on my second account and got my 4th mythic at only level 420

my new defend now


Enough to pay for your next class change!


Ahh, just about your regular PVP rewards.^^


Takedown was Take’n’down


That’s cute @Maxx. :wink:
I got Elemaugrim with 100 event keys last week.


Damn that’s a lot of mythics. On my main account I got my first mythic at over level 500 and didn’t get another one until I was over level 1000.


Spent 766 Gem Keys, 4000 Glory Keys, 404 Guild Chests, 52 VIP Chests… no Suna.

Then another 50 VIP chests and got this:

Possible captions: “Wasted luck”, “Clumpy RNG”…


Err… well… WTF!!?


All in one team!

My pet team had 3 reds but I didn’t have time to look at the tasks yet before rescuing the pet. Easy day. :grin: :ok_hand:


There’s a Ghost in the Machine . . .