Sacrificial priest teams

Share you sacrificial priest teams here, i need an effective way to make him work, and I believe I’m not the only one :slight_smile:


Probably a bug, but I’d like to be the first to point out that you can use his spell on a barriered ally and it will only take the barrier while still giving the bonus attack split damage. Do with that info what you will.

That isn’t in effect anymore.

Just to add my team idea:

Hero with black manacles (if he devours someone priests spell will be even more boosted by hero’s attack)
Giant spider (fuels hero and priest at start, then he can fuel abhorth (if he is summoned) and can summon spider for sacrifice)
Valkyria (souls of course, and she fills spider, and later fills abhorth)
Sacrificial priest (because of the event :slight_smile: )

I’m having a very hard time building a team around Sac Priest. Summoners make for very weak fodder as the summoned troops have universally low attack; and all other troops are valuable enough that Sac Priest killing them off gives me a two troop deficit (in that Sac Priest is mainly unremarkable aside from the 30%-chance summon). Just like the last two Ultra-Rare events, I’m finding that my go-to teams are more efficient than the weekly gimmick.

My other team is my standard team changed a bit to include priest in:
It still won’t beat every opponent but its not bad.
(Crimson doesn’t have third trait because I don’t have minor red stones -.- )

I have no plans to even try…sometimes you just buy the arcanes and wait for next weeks fare :slight_smile:

The thing is, you are gonna want to have a team using Valkyrie and Sacrificial Priest although they have no synergy together AT ALL.

So, either you play a team that just don’t need your Sacrificial Priest and he ends up being a sitting duck, or you play with something that make a “link” between your Valkyrie and your Sacrificial Priest.
That link is Giant Spider, charging on blue mana from Valkyrie and feeding Sacrificial Priest some mana and some Sacrificial material.

The thing is, Spider Swarms will awfully lack attack and won’t be good sacrifices at all… And your 4th troop will be your first sacrifice…
So… Your first troop better be something with either a lot of attack, or some utility only in early game.

That screams “empowered”. I guess Ettin is fine, but he will get in the way of Spider when casting Valkyrie, I’ve used Mercy too, but she lacks the attack to be a good sacrifice.

In the end, all the teams I came up with built around sacrifice felt shabby because of summonlings being so weak.
My"best" team was Mercy / Alchemist / SacPri / Gar-Nok (finally some use for that guy), but there are no Valkyrie in there, and it’s not really strong either, in particular because Gar-Nok improve attack of everyone BEFORE summoning…

Best I can come up with is:

Giant Spider***
Sacrificial Priest*
R/Y Banner

Basically a twist on an old soul farm team subbing out KoS. You actually want to use Abho spell as much as possible to increase attack to either take out enemies with skulls or as a late game sacrifice bomb. Wouldn’t try this with any top tier defenses though.

Have you used a dokkafar yet. The summoned spider comes in with high attack.
some troop.
sac priest.

Someone remind me how summons are supposed to work right now, please. My Priest’s magic is 19, my Abhorrath’s level is 12, but when I sacrifice a troop the summoned Abhorrath comes in at level 10.

The Abhorrath that the priest summon is not tied to your copy of the card. It doesn’t inherit the traits or levels of it. Having said that it should be coming in at a level equal to the Priest’s magic, up to a cap of level 15.

Valkyrie M***
Keeper of Souls L***
Giant Spider M***
Sacrificial Priest L*
Yellow/Red Banner


  1. Valkyrie is not needed after 1 or 2 uses so why not stick her in the front as fodder. on the other hand, she is so useful feeding Giant Spider!

  2. The last three cards are summoners which provides extra buffer at the front while KoS and GS charge up.

  3. Before Abhorath got nerfed he was in number one spot on one of my teams. So nice to get him there via a timely sacrifice of Valk if you are just about to lose her.

Last week I won many games using the top 3 cards, in the same order, with Archer in last place. Archer was rarely used. Once they get rolling they just keep feeding each other. Banner was Yellow/Red.

The team is doing very well. :slight_smile:

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Well, summoning doesn’t work the same for Priest and Gar’Nok. When I was testing Gar’Nok a while back, Orcs would come in at level 15 despite Gar’Nok’s Magic being 12.

I am so confused by summoning. It’s a good thing that this mechanic is getting reworked in 2.0.

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Some summoners have issues as we’ve discussed in this thread (which you’ve also posted in):

Gar’Nok is one of the ones that has issues. As does Summoner and Giant Spider. The summoned’s level SHOULD be based upon the summoner’s Magic stat. It’s just that some cards aren’t working as they should, and are summoning level 15s with weird stat combinations.

I assume you’re Priest’s Magic was boosted? What level does Abhorrath come in if he’s at his normal magic levels? (or is it a kingdom boost that can’t be turned off?)

The Priest’s magic is 19: 15 for levels, 4 for kingdoms. This is part of my confusion, since no part of this adds up to 10.

Would be worth checking to see if the stats he comes in with match up with a level 10 Abhorrath or a level 15. I know that @Sirrian fixed something last night so that the summoned Abhorrath wasn’t stuck at level 1 stat-wise even though the level star said more, could be related to that.

During the event, I will likely go:
Giant Spider
Sacrificial Priest

Post event, I would go:
Hero (Mang) (Warlord, +4 attack)
Giant Spider
Sacrificial Priest
Star Gazer
2x Green


Don’t forget: if you can’t make valk work, use your keeper for a smaller but perhaps easier to obtain boost!

Yep I’m running the first team and it works pretty well all things considered. If you can get Abho activated a couple of times and hopefully kill one or two enemy in the process follow up with the sacrifice nuke to wipe the rest of the team. And double souls does mean a true 2X, I’m getting over 200 souls per battle if I use Valk twice.