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So after a long time trying, I got this cool screenshot, a board with just the one solitary gem on it… And it’s a skull :slight_smile:

So let’s have a little collection please of your coolest and unusual screenshots from gems!




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Grabbed this at the last second. The front troop was an Abhorath with 280+ attack.


nice! why does it explode as well? enemy gloom leaf?


Most likely the troop that was sacrificed by the Sacrificial Priest’s spell.

Gloom Leaf’s third trait only works on skull damage, which is clearly not the case here.


ah yeah, clearly, overlooked that, havent played with sac priest didnt come to mind, thanks for clarifying.


Yep, it was the Sacrificial Priest’s spell, which does split damage based on the sacrificed troop’s attack. Up until that point, I had gotten really unlucky with board refreshes on Abhorath and continually feeding them mana and skulls, unable to get any myself before most my team was dead from spells. On the last cast, I got a single lucky skulls drop which annihilated the first troop (over 280 attack on him by that point) and finally had enough attack to wipe the rest of the team by sacrificing him. Everyone else on the opposing team had been untouched until that point.

Hey, I just so happened to have a screenshot of a “clear every gem except one” also.


Now there’s odd…

…took a moment to think how on earth you cleared the board with no exploders in play… or got a mana surge at the same time!

…but I am guessing you just cast your Acolyte, after he’d buffed his magic stat over and over again, and turned all the board except one to brown, so it all vanished in one match… cool!

Some screenshots to fish for:

  • an exploder screen with precisely two gems left on the board
  • a Rowanne cast wipe hitting every enemy for over 100 damage
  • a Sand Shark eating a Great Maw (big fish little fish, anyone)



Stop picking on me Sister… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


On the other end of the spectrum :upside_down:


Here’s one for posterity:


:flushed: :roll_eyes: WTF, nice one!


Dang that’s an old screenshot!


It says ‘0 minutes ago’ with every match, was that a bug?


You did read this thread, didn’t you? I don’t think it’s hard to connect the dots.


This is probably a good thread to ask, how yall gettin’ dem screenshots on pc? hahaha


I did. But we were still having a one-minute discrepancy there.


Well, since it’s on steam, pressing F12 saves a screenshot. Not like capturing screenshots on a PC has been difficult since the invention of multitasking operating systems…


Much obliged.