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I see a word in there called opinion. That’s someones opinion that there’s no hate speech.


no the ruling is real the post is an authors opinion on the ruling thus opinion section


Weather you like it or not it is ruled that there is such thing as hate speech


Well it is an arbitrary distinction in speech with no inherent value of meaning, a term born of the huge social justice waluigi wave that took a hold of the mainstream over roughly the last decade. And is extremely vaguely defined and entirely subjective since it is so arbitrary.


Now look what you did Salty’s here I think were in trouble


Okay, just to step in quickly. Freedom of speech is a thing in America, yes, but this does not mean that someone can say anything and not be prosecuted for it. There are consequences to actions, and speech counts.

We are also Australian and have built out our community rules as we see fit. As such, we do not accept hate speech in any of its various forms AT ANY TIME. This is because we want to cultivate a community that is safe for everyone. Hate speech, threats of violence and harassment are all unacceptable in Gems of War. We will ban players due to their violations of our community guidelines, as we are more than at liberty to do. Our community, our online space, our rules. It does not matter where our servers are located, our rules are own own, and are enforced by us.

Once again, in regards to America’s view on hate speech, the different states handle cases where it is brought up differently. At times it is prosecuted, at times it is not. Usually, it comes down to whether the court believes that the hate speech will lead to imminent violence. However, online hate speech is a different beast, which must be acknowledged. We aim to run a community that is safe and inclusive.

We can choose our own rules, and these are our rules. if you don’t want to follow them, you will be banned. Treate each other kindly, don’t use hate speech, harass or threaten others. It’s not rocket science.


Exactly Salty. Well said that’s exactly what I was trying to get through their thick skulls lol.


Uhm i basically lead with the short form of what Salty just wrote.
I merely critisized the term hate speech itself.


When you shouldn’t be


Sometimes I wish we could block people on these forums like we can ingame.


Easy :tiger2:
@Maxx was just trying to point out that Salty misspoke and thought it was funny. Which it was.
Not to start a debate in a no drama thread. 🤦
Way to go Maxx. :wink:


It was a bit funny, I was typing furiously and made the world’s worst typo.


I’ll remember to be secretive about any discussions about hats moving forward. :grinning:


Too fast too fumblesome? :grinning:


I edited it lol


Too late. I already quoted you. Lol
We aren’t allowed to say whatever we want here. But we can quote whatever we want… forever and ever.

A funny video recommendation on the topic.


Oh well Idrc


Not the highest ever recorded on here but my highest so far. Was nice to wake up to this as my 1st tribute of the day.


The perfect starting board.

Edit. I just shared one of my favorite teams ever. Enjoy!!