Cool screenshot topic


Ahahha great idea!


Choose your method of execution.




Hoarding that much gold is quite shellfish Mr Krabs.


Cast Star Gazer immediately, gaps from blues let that top-most doomskull cluster get an extra turn. *nod*


Not as impressive as Mr. Crabs’, yet was still fun to look at until I claimed the next tribute.

A single 50 pull on Monday. ^^


A burning Fire Bomb! :grin:


That really shouldn’t be allowed lol


what a nice loot for all members :grinning:


Lucky you guys lol


She clearly meant not and corrected herself later but I thought it was pretty funny



imo all speech should be allowed,dont like what someone says theres this feature chat has called…block xD


Not hate speech because there’s freedom of speech then there’s going over the boundaries and that’s hate speech people don’t need some racist person dissing a race just because they don’t like them. It needs to not be tolerated. They do good with not allowing it.


all speech is protected under freedom of speech now this being a aus dev team im not sure what if any freedoms they have but i know the servers the game runs on are in america.


In America it’s against the law to use hat speech it’s called a hate crime


hate crime nothing to do with speech its some type of physical damage where they think the motive is racial etc but as this is the screenshot topic i will stop this subject.cheers


look Hate speech is against the law so no game will allow it in their games


I dislike the made up term hate speech as much as you i assume, but freedom of speech and what operators of any form of online chats are supposed to allow in their respective domains never had anything to do with eachother.
Sure you can say whatever you like online, but the operators have every right to ban you from their chats if they see that warranted, US or anywhere else.


Hate speech is not a made up term look it up and exactly they can ban you if they please it is wrong to use hate speech