Cool screenshot topic


Thank you Glory Keys :key:.


How will I ever overcome this most arduous task? (The task I rerolled was use full Khetar team five times for 100 souls)


That’s a bug, it should say “win some battles”




That will help me out with Mondays legendary

I hadn’t even done enough PvP to get to tier 10


I hope :crossed_fingers: I don’t get hit with any skulls.


Nice drop and i know the guy you won. :slight_smile:


wow, nice luck Goodwill! :open_mouth:


best team ever or a bug or a fucking lucky ai?

(i beat it :sweat:)


I love these daily tasks



level 21 boisss





Is this Adana + Mech 50% bonus week again?


When divines get nerfed I will blame everyone who has it set on defense. Thx!! Bring it on!


Divines will never get nefed, so all good, Goodwill! :slight_smile:


:crossed_fingers: I sure hope you are right.


If I am wrong, please don’t shoot me. :stuck_out_tongue:


Shoot the messenger. Not the sender :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


See, I love when people theme the defenses like I do to give easy or the most event points available! Go Community!!!