Cool screenshot topic


Right before the 25 hour cut off period. :grin:


The worst match ever for me in Raids. I went with the green match, sadly a skull dropped and he got a skull match. I also lost 2 extra sigilis because the match had a Valraven. This beat every Guild Wars frustration days as well in the level of annoyance, all together. Of course the Tzathoth had to summon an Ancient Horror.


That’s … calamitous.


I actually had to google that word. Thank god only the very rare matches is like this one. The lose of the 2 extra siglis makes it all ten times worse.


Sorry to hear Eika.
I was the opposite and got the skull match so managed to take down the valraven.


Decided to dump some of my gold xD
and keys :smiley:

sadly both these things happened on beta server so they dont count :sob:


Mimic can even impersonate people now. What a scary creature…




Luckily the board was favourable :+1:


Thank you Valraven for almost destroying my computer today when you ran away.
Keyboard still have a few buttons left, screen is so-so and the hdd still works. Thank you Pimpin!


Someone is gonna be pissed



My vault key


I know plenty of you guys got multiple of it already, but I’m so excited for my first crafted one.

For now, I need to stop using Orb of Ascension on every Bounty events, and not get lazy on farming and use Orb of Wisdom on Legendary troops’ second trait. :rofl:


No the mythic’s 3rd trait lol


how high is the chance to loss against 4 mimiks? how high is the chance that the 1st mimik devour my 1st troop in turn 2, devour my 4th troop in turn 4 and than skull me in 2 turns to death… im sure, extremly high :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:



lost against 4 mimics?..youre a legend!


This was soooo going to be a vault key

Next time… Please include mobile on the beta.


Oh dear you might wana support a ticket for that


It would actually be a quite welcomed replacement for Ishbaala,

…if it wouldn’t be on a Wednesday. :confused:


Oh wow that is not good