Cool screenshot topic


Which pet did u get in the pet rescue?


Moon Moon iirc.


I don’t think I will win this round. :slightly_frowning_face:


Pet fights can be annoying, but not with Doooooommmmm!!!


That feeling when you have at least in one case not only all traitstones you need, but you actually also own all the troops which need the traitstones:

Hey, it’s just one, but it’s something. Never thought I’d get that far. The Imps are clearly breaking my back for the other mono colors, though. Stupid Imps, need so many of them still.
My weird lack of just one color of minors/majors is really intriguing me, too. :stuck_out_tongue:


Never seen a starting board with 0 skulls before

Also never seen a starting board with this many skulls before



50 event keys…


No just no… This is … No word… WOW… SERIOUSLY!!!

2 Mythic in 50 event keys is like

0.001% chance…


well somehow the system must make up for the people that draw nothing in many thousands of gems worth of chests… Good system


That’s not Mercy lol.


I finally finished the double vault (2x) treasure hunt achievement. :heart_eyes: Now, I have them all for now.


I don’t see how it could possibly get much better (sarcasm) than that. :woman_facepalming:


It’s so wierd seeing Zuul’Goth here.

I know he’s techically Karakoth Mythic, so he got a chance to appear if Karakoth was giving tribute, but it felt so out of place! :hushed:


This isn’t much of a ‘cool screenshot’ in itself, but given the background it’s still funny.

I’m at around level 1200 and have all legendary troops in the game (by now). The whole Tesla debate started way back when I had two friends joining me in playing Gems. I’ve been level 200 and they just started and i told them about a great card and a somewhat early-mid range team I saw on @Tacet’s stream. Both of 'em got Tesla pretty early on and made a running gag out of it and jokes about me not getting this card.

Just before reset, i opened guild chests and voila, no more jokes on me. :smiley:




OMGGGGGgGGGGGgGGGGG that Mercy board!!!


too bad it’s a fire bomb team lol


I guess he was more attached to his weapon than I thought.


A very dire situation / one peck away