Cool screenshot topic


Which pet in the pet rescue did u get from him?


I got Minishroom from that one.

Also had a previous Pet Gnome earlier, and got Feyrie from that one, which I already had.


Minishroom is a really cool pet, Feyrie too, don’t you agree @Macawi? :slight_smile:


I actually include a mention about this in the “Fact Versus Fiction” section in my book after the end. Yep, Gems of War and the Glory Bug earned a mention in the book. I’m glad I still had the screenshot on here from 15 months ago, so I could count the digits to get it right in the book. :slight_smile:

If the devs want a free copy of my book, they can message me.


4 firebombs destroyed on 1st turn.

Next match one exploded and you can see that I took damage.

Edit. This team one turns a lot of builds.


LOL, me too Meteorite!!!


I’ve been playing the game since Nov '15. I don’t remember ever seeing a board with zero skulls. Just caught my eye.


I’ve seen it a few times - but only with Finley on one team or the other :grin:



I think I’m gonna stop now and smoke somethin’


What’s your team this week JZG?




Thanks for sharing.


I feel like I just found the holy grail in the vault :smile:


Finally found one of the devs in PvP. @Sirrian your wildfolk team was pretty easy to beat but it was fun fighting something different.


My hero is either a traitor or a spy xD


So, I bought Tier 1 in the Invasion shop… :scream_cat:


The only time he’ll be tier 1.


Wahoooo you got a Druid!


That moment a troll team works out well and doesnt troll