Most glory from one tribute income | Leader: Terrorist - 944 Glory!


Only posting this because I had this tribute today, 261 glory! :sweat_smile:

Lets not use Whitehelm as a home kingdom
Cool screenshot topic

I know I got 13 tributes at most but don’t remember the glory :S


wow, nice. Was it before the Guild update? I think reaching so high glory as 200+ is only possible now when one are able to power level kingdoms to 7 as well as getting the bonus from the statues.


Almost enough for an event troop.


I think I had 150-something once with 10 tributes … of course I don’t have Whitehelm as my home kingdom because Yellow traitstones are a plague on our society.


Yep and even before I had all kingdoms at 3 gold stars xD
I haven’t passes 10 since I reached 3 gold stars on everyour kingdom xD


Got this last night. I think 12 is the highest amount of kingdoms I’ve had so far, certainly the highest overall though XD



I am leading over you with 1 more glory! :smiley: haha


Not bad! :stuck_out_tongue:


I got 11 kingdoms once. Glory was 221 IIRC



Dammit, you have the lead! :disappointed_relieved:

Congratulations, that feeling is nice! :wink:


Wohoo! 281 :dancer:


Reasons to get 10 stars and 10 levels into your kingdoms, tom.



Pffftt… Well done, you have the lead! :stuck_out_tongue:


Not going to last long, too many players around waiting for the stars to align. :relaxed:


Must admit, that hurted quite a bit, I had the lead for about a hour or so… :sob:


I have 19 7-star kingdoms, 4 6-star kingdoms, 2 5-star kingdoms and 1 1-star kingdom. My home kingdom is WhiteHelm and Bonus Guild is 380% Gold.