Lets not use Whitehelm as a home kingdom

So you say red is the most needed? Ok. Kingdom set to pridelands:)

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If we call this discussion brainstorming, then I would maybe dare to throw out this thought I got:

What if they implemented rewards for PVP-ing from different home kingdoms, for instance:

  • Attacked 10 times from 10 different home kingdoms
  • Attacked 10 times from 25 different home kingdoms
  • Attacked 100 times from 10 different home kingdoms
  • Attacked 100 times from 25 different home kingdoms

If the awards were good enough (gems, keys, troops, traitstones, whatever) so people would want to change kingdoms to get the rewards, then wouldn’t the problem we have today be solved?

If we don’t call this discussion brainstorming, well, yeah, then I admit it sounds a bit complicated for both developers and users. More data to store, more to program, more work for users to keep track of moving about, probably more busy user interface, etc.


Would you really want to change your home kingdom every hour or so? (No…)


If the rewards were good enough, yeah, sure I would! :slight_smile:
Especially if I were a new player and became really tempted by the reward.
And playing 100 matches from one kingdom (or 1000, or whatever number that would suit best); well at least I use more than one hour or so.


2x tribute reward for home kingdom if the home is evented kingdom. event like that would make many ppl shift home weekly
not perfect but still better then whitehelm

also old idea to give traitstone based on enemy flag, not perfect but i like it more then home kingdom, if it cant be random…


Programming for a Random Traitstone is very simple…

First weighted for minor, major, runic, arcane, celestrial (Choose 1)
If celestrial (ship it)
Then random between colors (blue, red, green, yellow, brown, purple)
If minor, major or runic (ship it)
Then random of 2nd color for Arcane
ship it

Done… random done.

Do you play poker?

I have played poker :slight_smile:

Curious because you said “ship it” a few times. Common in poker… Anyways, back on topic. :smiley:

Random is already the solution that console players have so I don’t see why it should be difficult…

No for me, devs did a mistake and don’t want to accept it. Or they like the fact that too much yellow traitstones slow down our progression in the game. If they really have an argument, Nimhaim could have give it before…

How much time it took for them to remove the gold fee for a battle?
How much time it will take for them to remove the gem fee to change a class?
How much time it will take for them to remove the “you drop a traitstone according to the invade kingdom”?


I was simply stating why it makes MORE sense that PVP rewards are based on defending kingdom rather than home kingdom, not that either entirely makes sense. There will always be abstracted mechanics in a game like this. If it was 100% thematic the majority of people would get frustrated they couldn’t progress beyond certain parts and quit.

Again, I point out - if you want to control what traitstones you acquire, then explore instead of PVP. There are other elements of the game beyond PVP and you shouldn’t be able to acquire everything you need for end-game from only 1 of those elements. You should need to actively partake in the multiple facets of the game to get there. You can get nearly everything in the game through PVP now IF you spend enough time doing it, but there are other faster ways to acquire gems, specific traitstones, souls & keys - and that’s the way it should remain. The game is already heavily focused on PVP it doesn’t need any more emphasis on it by merging the benefits of exploring with it.

Besides - you can always choose from 3 opponents in PVP - I rarely see all 3 from Whitehelm. Forgo the max trophies/gold to attack someone not from Whitehelm if you want non-yellow traitstones. It may not be optimal, but players already have the power to choose who to attack and therefore influence their reward. Why increase that influence further? Randomized traitstones works just fine for me thematically as well if they were to implement it.

And every power gamer who spends 50% or more of their waking moments in GoW will disagree with me, and that’s fine.

All this anti-Whitehelm sentiment is gonna put a damper on the “Most Glory from a Tribute” contest: Most glory from one tribute income | Leader: band1c - 686 Glory!

I think it’s time for a new contest. Most Souls from a Tribute:


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I search all my guild members and I see only 3 with Whitehelm as home kingdom.

Not bad if I not tell nothing yet to them. But I have many newels players that they probably needed for more glory income.

But I can keep quiet. If they don´t ask I don’t need to tell them.
They can use another and like I told them the best way to get glory is pvp a lot.

Good ideas there.

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The best way to get glory at low level is still going to be Treasure Hunt and at high level is still having high star kingdoms and collecting tributes a lot. It is just that Whitehelm home kingdom doesn’t make that much percentage difference, one way or the other, in the amount of glory you get, unless you go out of your way to level and/or star it first. Sure, its “optimal” for glory gains when everything is equal, but wasting your limited resources early on to prioritize Whitehelm stars and levels at early game, when collecting every single time income is available is going to amount to usually about 40 or less glory per week, is overall hurting you in the long run.

My friend started with a dragon team and had them mostly leveled and traited, therefore, had Dragon’s Claw to gold star long before Whitehelm, and therefore Dragon’s Claw as a much better home kingdom choice. I went for double magic in Zhul’Kari on my low level account while most my kingdoms are still level 6, and therefore Zhul’Kari is the obvious choice.

Part of the problem with Whitehelm on up-and-comers is that everyone keeps recommending it to newer players when in fact it is not optimal for everyone until the point where you have a comfortable amount of resources and by then it doesn’t really matter. And once you’ve committed all those early resources to Whitehelm, to star or level it above all others, of course you are going to stay in Whitehelm. For most new players, I’d recommend Zhul’Kari, because it is just so easy to get to gold star with minimal investment (3 commons, 2 rares, 2 ultra rares, 1 questline epic readily available to even newer players) and it is a stepping stone to magic bonus, and contains at least one troop you’d want to level and give a trait or two to regardless (Giant Spider). Otherwise, have them check usage for your actual highest glory tribute kingdom. For early gamers, there is probably a better option that benefits everyone, so long as people stop acting like early Whitehelm leveling and making it your home kingdom is at all necessary or even all that helpful for early game or long term progression. If they get in the habit of not using Whitehelm and see for themselves how little it matters to continue not using Whitehelm, the cycle can be broken. And, yes, Whitehelm is seen a lot, even early game (though there are a lot of Broken Spire as well for those that aren’t aware of the game’s mechanics).

As for the traitstones issue, and I know I said this earlier, but the whole home kingdom revenge thing they had before the PvP patch was such a good influence system that I’m not sure why it was dropped. You both have a personal incentive to change your kingdom and you’ll see more variety because others also have a personal incentive to change.


But to avoid over complicating things with constant home kingdom changes, seeting it to a random traitstone would be much better.
How many players farm for a specific traitstone by invading only a specific kingdom in PvP? Answer is none. When you want to farm for a specific stone you go to explore. Or buy those arcanes with troops.
On the end, getting a random arcane from pvp will in most cases cause people to be happy about it.
What is now happening is that people arent happy when getting summer arcane, since that mostly the only arcane they get. And being it a mono colored arcane it doesnt have wide area of usage. If it was yellow/some other color i bet people wouldnt be complaining about getting those all the time.


Just second trailed all my pure yellows and switched kingdom to Wild Plains.

Now that i can finally speak with some authority on the matter, I’ll chime in.

I made a run up the ladder last week sicne I had extra free time. I finished the week at #57
Not spectacular, but nothing to shrug at either.

With it being a double traitstone week, it worked out beautifully…except for the 1k+ major and minor wind stones.

There’s still just too many whitehelm out there, and it unbalances the game(to the degree of incoming stones at least). I don’t even blame people, it’s obviously the best kingdom choice since glory is by far the hardest currency to farm.

I’ve recently switched to Silverglade. It gives fairly respectable loot across the board of all three types, and it’s NOT whitehelm, which is the premier attraction.

Personally, I think they should just randomize the kingdom that the match is set in. Fought in their local arena of sorts if you prefer, for whatever difference that makes. Or, make it randomly one of the home kingdoms of one of the troops used on either team, if you care to specify it some whilst still remaining somewhat randomized.

Either way, the ridiculous amount of wind stones is just silly.

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While I can’t make any promises, I can say we have been discussing ways to improve traitstone variety in PVP.


Thank the lord thank the lordddd!!! :pray:t2:

Pardon me for necroing this thread, again.

For those who still want the benefit of tribute from Whitehelm but also want to help people getting more variety stones from PvP, please consider this method: Change your home kingdom to WH only when your tribute pop up. Then change it back to other kingdom. It only cost 100 gold and a few clicks. Thanks :slight_smile: