Cool screenshot topic


Oh, but rewards are getting buffed.

Get ready for - brace yourselves - three minor traitstones from a single gnome!


Made it.


Be a player, not a complainer. :smirk:


Be a reader, not a writer.


guys its official!




Every time I see his profile picture I think Sirrian is posting.



The best way to deal with global.


Time to summon some Blight Land troop!



Wow, are you saving your gems and glory for something special?





Wow. 36k gems. How will you use them?


Not so cool, does anyone else have this kind of rng luck?

Or is the orb of growth the most common?


I had noticed a similar trend (with smaller sample size) in my inventory. I wonder if Orb of Growth has higher drop rates to “compensate” for the crappy conversion rate. Ugh.


And I’ve only used 1 minor orb of clans. Seriously, can I just convert all of my orbs into orbs of clans.
That’s the only orb I really want.


I prefer orb of ascension. Clans is 2nd


To decorate my inventory until I get unlucky. Or probably for whatever next thing requires gems to be fed into it like raids/invasions, but maybe something I’d actually want this time.

I’m not sure orbs are weighted. Maybe against ascension? I don’t have a greater number of ascension on any account.

Still holding out hope for a recipe of farmable stuff + any orb = orb of chaos. Fair bet that it would also include gems or diamonds in the recipe, though, rendering it pointless.


I’ve used one small orb of ascension, two smalls of wisdom and a major orb of wisdom… Pretty likely that ascension is the rarest to get (also got 3 small and 2 major orbs of clans, if I remember correctly).


I thought someone posted somewhere that orbs of ascension drop rate is 15%. It’s the lowest of the 4.


What a hard fight, but finally won.


Huh? Is there a tower now that summons a Clockwork Sphinx?
I thought it was a troop to be released in the glory pack mid-april :thinking: