Cool screenshot topic


No, the Sphinx just appears in some earlier battles. But yes, seems like the troop that wasn’t expected to appear so soon.




lol Xathenos


Personal milestone:


Holy shit! How’d you manage that?


holy shit^^

you can build some stones in soulforge, from tiny to big or craft a over 9000 weapon for 10…15…or 20 million :grinning:


Been playing since almost the beginning. Multiple mass disenchanting.


They should rename “Keeper of Souls” to “RiverSong”.


The number 3


Damn cool! :sunglasses:


Well it is looking cool, but it’s hard to believe it’s not photoshopped x) It’s easy to edit things on a black background~~ The only legit thing for me is Glory amount.


Not photoshopped. And neither was “The number 2” screenshot nineteen days prior.


loool, if you wouldn’t have posted that i wouldn’t ever thought this could be real :smiley: pretty much as when i heard about fat burning steroids. thanks for all.


Don’t tell me you refreshed ranked PvP to get the gem number right :face_with_raised_eyebrow:. I understand that it’s actually quite easy to get the gems, glory and souls right - separately. But how the heck did you manage to get them ALL together to look like that? I mean, it’s doable but getting gold ending with 33 or 83 and glory with something like 33, 53, 58 etc. must have been a pain - they are closely tied to each other.


One of my best comebacks. It’s older but still worth sharing.


I clicked on this and then I was charged $49.99. This is called false advertising or bait and switch.


This is a display issue when the servers, or your connection, are acting up. The price is not being properly loaded at the time the offer pops-up.

In the last hour it seems the servers are operating poorly as my internet is normal but the battles are taking longer to load.


And here I was beginning to think it was an April Fool’s Day joke.


That bug has been occurring for months.


The bug would have been fixed if you were able to get the pack for $0. It would be ninja fixed within the hour… since it doesn’t, “It will require a client update”