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We have so many “look what I did!” posts but that one is impressive @Aelthwyn! Can anyone come close to that achievement? I know I can’t.


I think a member of our guild has 1165 days.

No disrespect to Aelthwyn. :grin: Massive achievement to be dedicated to one guild that long.




Now we’re congratulating people for being too lazy to move guilds?


Ps, I’m kidding of course …


I know it doesn’t appear much but this means I have all my troops fully traited :grinning:


i mean it was a perfect week, what mean it was my 1st perfect week, what not mean i like gw.
but hey, paragon! :trophy:



Now I’ve seen everything.



Can I get 1 legendary Satan please?


This is the new thing on Ps4. Fighting our newest recruits.

And a shout out @Kazuyashin from connect 4 , for making the 3t section.


mmmm, my score is 9450, why is it 8651 there


It was bound to happen sooner or later…



I did it.
I powered through the last level because today is also my anniversary. :smiley:

Exactly 7 months ago, I installed the game. Today, I reached Level 1200.
Fun statistics:

  • playtime
  • 451 unique troops (23 unowned), 18977 total troops
  • MIssing 29 weapons, with that number rising with all the new ones from the events I’m not getting.
  • I got 12 mythics, one of them (Aurora) twice. 4 are crafted, one from the growth pack, Aurora’s duplicate from Legendary tasks, the rest from chests.
  • Crafted Famine last week, which made me drop below the amount of Celestials needed again, but here we go, traitstone-wise:
  • No Dawnbringer or Xathenos

And that’s it, since I have basically quit (only doing dungeons and guild minimum in casual guild). That’s how far you can get in 7 months if you spend most of these playing 8+ hours a day I guess.


What am I supposed to do with 9 diamonds? Why I don’t have 10 or even 5?!

I can’t live with awareness that someday I will lack 1 diamond to craft something! Like… I have 3999 and there is Pharos and week ends and then what? I will cri! ;___; Cri alot.

And most importantly HOW? We are only able to get miltiple of 5 diamonds, so how I have this value? Is it gnome fault? Hey gnome! Give me one diamond or take those 4 away! D:


Yes it is gnome fault. They have a chance to drop 2 or 5 diamonds. You have got 2x2.


Omg. They should add 1 diamond reward to the pool too .__. Otherwise making this number equal is going to take forever.


Nothing “cool” about this… But no one outside of the game can understand the devastating effect this can cause. Ip2 needs to hire a therapist for traumatic events like this.


I’ll be saving my vault keys for the next event.
Did I hear correctly that with the next vault event, the rewards will be buffed?


That was said by a dev in a stream.


And yet it is still hard to believe. Never have they ever announced a future buff to rewards.

I mean, I’m still saving my vault keys, but I’ll believe rewards are buffed when I see it.


You and me both, Stan. :sweat_smile: