Cool screenshot topic


Why do you have 2600 green gems but much less of the rest?

Just out of curiosity.


Just trying to “fish” some troops that aren’t fully ascended yet like some Ultra-rares and Epics here and there. I’ve spent a bunch of Purple Gems for T’zatoth (“Soviet Russian Spaghetti Monster”, because in Soviet Russia spaghetti eats you) for example, and when it becomes available at Purple Summoning Stones i’ll try to ascend it into Mythic at last.


I really want a wulfagarock


Remember that towers are immune to Devour.


Snow-White and her “dorfs”…


It was irony xD look how well my boy fenrir stacks stats. But yeah i need wulfagarock and hopefully they buff it. If nobdevour make it instakill.


The number 2


Now that’s impressive


Cool… do that when you’re level 2222 and you officially win GoW…


Level 2222 and Mechanist level 22. And just for kicks, 222 unopened chests.


Don’t forget VIP Level 22!!!



you missed all kingdoms at level 2 …


My best tribute ever!!


Nope, nope, definitely can’t afford that and you only get 250 VIP points!


For $30,000 you can get it to mythic.

$200,000 value


I think they forget to switch guilds in the servers, oh well, we like beating up on each other.


Guess I’m in cyber limbo


It will be interesting to see if you can get a revenge battle from it.


This is why I quit pvp. It’s way more fun hunting gnomes down.



I am a dinosaur. :slight_smile: