Cool screenshot topic


Congrats. That’s a tough milestone for most.


From a while back, when you could get troops for winning a battle, I got 2 in this case.
They should bring this back.


its meee a Crowrioooooo


Summary of the first Vault event


Quite the anusual team you got there.


4 anus can go crazy real fast! :slight_smile:


1st week of raids on ps4, why not!


Wow, you ended 1st out of all PS4 players?


Yep, just in case anyone muted my raid thread I figured I’d post here too.

Edit: I think I may have went the highest out of all the servers too.


Congratulations mate! :wink: May I ask how many gems you spent on the mode totally?


A little over 5,000 I think. Number two really pushed me hard. Thank you.


I dont have the screen shoot from PC, but maybe someone have, then we can compare it with the PS4 leaderboard.


It’s in here towards the end

Now we just need Xbox for all the servers

180k .


New win streak record! Previous one was back when Infernal King was a new troop on PS4. So it’s been a while… Thank you Dev’s for Ishbaala! She seems to have a good relationship with the RNG Gods.


New weapon prototype

And its unique sound effect on cast is prppprppr


Lots of triple Carnex today doing this explore quest. I mean, obviously its skewed that way due to my exploring in Adana, but still. Had this 4-5 times so far, with a Xathenos or a (boosted) Forest Guardian and so on…


Have got 3x Carnex a lot these days too.


It have happened as long as I can remember that CPU team from Adana often have 3 Carnex 'es in their explore lineup.


Why Emperor Khorvash is better then Champion of Anu (a.k.a. Butt Knight)?
Because he has “Crown of Anu”



I blame the gnomes:

I’ll ping @Stan because i still need four diamonds to complete a multiple of ten. :expressionless: