Cool screenshot topic


Only hundred levels from the magic bonus!


This match was a blast. :boom::bomb:


After the most recent tribute:


When Casual PvP goes wrong. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
Spoiler alert: He ran away on his first cast.


Cool name Mr. … what is your name again? xD


Wow that was some great placement by the other team. :sweat_smile:


Sadly, you’re entangled and will only do about 4 damage when you clear all those skulls…


Want some gnomes yo?


Needs a Valraven, when you get one or if you have one.


nice bro :grinning::call_me_hand:t2:


Umm… Do you play on mobile/PC? Cause if you do. I have a great place for you to invest that 45 million gold into. :grinning:

Secondly… What language changes Valkyrie to Walkure? While everything else on your team is the same as the English Version.


It’s German @awryan


Names stay, but words change with most languages.


I beat the level 500 boss, glad I joined the club on week one!!!


its only 43 million, but yes on pc/mobile. i like to have “money” in games. in this case, i gather it for the times, when i have no fun/time in/for gow and this happens more often since the cascades or the interface change. i can spend my weekly million and do the requirements and play a minimum but i’m a full helpful member of my guild.

it’s not really much for an endgame player/aktive player who spend every week 1-3…4…5… million. but its enough.


First! lol


Finally have every troop traited. Only took almost 1200 levels and more hours than I care to admit


Still missing one troop. :wink:


Lol… Couldn’t take the SS after you Traited Orpheus? Cause in the photo… You clearly don’t have them all Traited. :grinning:


I could have but then I would just be showing a SS of my troops. I traited it after and it sucked to waste so many traitstones on such a crappy troop.