Cool screenshot topic


Was over 300k until I mythiced the new troops this week.




I’ve stabilised at somewhere 50k-75k for ages… I seem to spend roughly what I generate each week…



Your time is up, my time is now
You can’t see me, my time is now.
Its the franchise, boy, I’m shining now.
You can’t see me, my time is now.


First set of 10 event keys.


I know the top 50 players don’t care, but I made it to the 10k Team scores


Of course we care. Congratulations!


10070? Looks like you made it there a Long time ago.


40 points for leveling a kingdom to 10, 40 more points for five starring it.


I see. Gotcha. Totally forgot about the new kingdom adding to it.


Ayup. I hadn’t seen it this morning when I leveled to 10, but noticed it when I finished my 5th star this afternoon.

Though I dropped to 202 on the leader board :frowning:



first time ive graced the lb with my presence in a while :heart_eyes:



Who’s it going to be?



Stonehammer. It’s always Stonehammer. :stuck_out_tongue: (For me it was.)


Who are you hoping for?


Worldbreaker, Aurora, Yasmine, Euryali. I struggle with green GW.
Stonehammer is fine. At least he won’t be a dupe.


You struggle with green GW, but Famine isn’t on that list? So you have both him and Spirit Fox and still struggle? Idk, try Famine and Sprit Fox and… whoever else. Captain Skullbeard, Apothecary, Ketras, Glitterclaw, Kraken, Krystenax, Mercy, Minogor, Ysabelle… there’s a on of options. Skullbeard for an exploder, Mercy or Apothecary if you rather wanna gem-change. The others depend on your taste, I guess.


Maybe he already has famine


The troops you mentioned err… don’t fit my playstyle. I just don’t like them. Famine is cool, I’d like to have him on defence GW, still it’s the looping Mythics I mentioned that appeal to me the most.
I know I should be rooting for Famine (cause he’s OP), but something inside of me wants Aurora.


Aurora is very defensive, though. You basically need one of the other guys you mentioned together with her to succeed. I’d rather hope for Yasmine or Worldbreaker (can’t say anything about Euryali, don’t have her) since these two can win battles without Aurora while Aurora does need a strong attacker by her side, as she herself does no damage.