Cool screenshot topic


Basically her + Webspinner is enough to maintain an endless loop. Or Yasmine.


I never used Webspinner, honestly. But Yasmine is really good (but really, Forest Troll is best at loops. FT/X/Yasmine/Aurora will loop you forever) and I love using her. She’s the kind of mythic you build a team around, though - unlike Infernus or Worldbreaker, who can be placed in basically every team and do good.


I would argue that Aurora isn’t strictly speaking a defensive troop. Her trait and her gem spawning suggest a “support” position on a team. Basically means you have an offensive core which can function independently but gets amped up by the increased mana gain.

… this is really off-topic somehow, someone please post appropriately next lol.


Well, it’s Abynissia. Not bad.



I don’t have her, so I cannot really say much about her, but that could have been way worse. At least it’s not a duplicate and not one of the useless crew!


Aby is a great one to get. Congratulations!


I wouldn’t be displeased to get aby if I didnt have her before. So, nice one.


so close


Only 6 more weeks to mythic!


Casual PvP.
8 glory has never been so easy to get.




My first mythic I got using gem keys (or any keys for that matter) Anybody know any good teams using this Mythic? I have no other mythics.


Today at work for my last half hour I decorated all the monitors of the ladies in the office. This is my workstation.
Sorry it’s blurry @Sheba

I’ll try and get a better focused picture tomorrow!


This is a most excellent workstation! If soon all workstations in the office end up looking like that… then no one will get any work done for everyone will be distracted by adorable bunnies! Well done! (I mean, you will go bankrupt, but bunnies!):grinning::hearts:




Ah tremors, a favourite of my younger self.


Just curious. Was it?


Yes, they have since fixed this.


I figured that they had. Someone recently went back and hit like on the question, so it popped up as a notification and I was curious. Good to hear though! Most dev teams I know of would’ve just left that there and hope nobody else noticed.

These folks are such good people, and if I ever visit Australia, I’d like to give them each a hug!


Found out the hard way that shield tops out at 1,000. I had no chance of winning.