Cool screenshot topic




What a long battle this was. Ended up winning after killing 27 enemies.




Twenty minutes. Twenty. Minutes.
I retreated.
There was no hope. Just a very, very, very huge amount of life. But no hope. And definitely no end.


finally did them all! :sunglasses:



First time ever I’ve had 50 turns left in Treasure hunt


Golden Sun (and its sequel too) was an awesome game, one of my all-time favourites!


Jeez, I’ve almost 4000 of the things…


yeah i had about 6200 of them and now i have 8k gems instead :smiley:


Holy smokes. If if you only spent 3 mins per map that would take you 300 hours!!


By the way, if you do mine for me I’ll let you keep 80% of what you earn.

Just saying …


perfectly part 2



first time i’ve been paragon since i started playing gow. I’m really proud of myself because everyone in thieves are exceptional players. Never thought i’d be #1 in #1, even just for this 1 week.


We should do something similar to a comic book crossover, where GW happens between console and pc/mobile.

If only that were possible


I think that would be really cool. Even if it was like a once a year battle royal, one guild reigns supreme over all platforms. I’d like to think it would be civil. It’s a novel idea nonetheless.


An example when the starting board makes you cry…
No brown, no red and no purple gem matches.


Saw I had 200,000 Glory exactly - as I hit my home kingdom to get tribute. *shakes fist*


Step 1: You can buy Spoils of War and play PvP to gain precise amount of Glory;
Step 2: Take a screenshot of your 200’000 Glory;
Step 3: Delete it and never, never post to this thread. My puny 20’000 stash will never forgive that.


I’m at 207k!