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How about this? Good that you mention that we are very off topic so none can arrest us…

By the way if you see this one in the woods: RUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUN!


Nah, those ears are not big enough. Also I like shiny things, so more like this:

Also wth, bunny reaper?!:scream:


Your masks is too immature… :frowning:


Did anyone ever claim I was mature?! Who says such nonsense!?


Yeah, I claimed it. What now?


Now you’re wrong. :stuck_out_tongue: That’s it.


How I wish that they always stay little whole life…


I am subscribed to that channel (even though it sometimes shows things you shouldn’t do to bunnies). But yes, baby bunnies are so cute!:heart_eyes: But some bunnies stay really small (Dwarf Hotots) or super-cute (Netherland Dwarfs)… or both. Mainly both.

And if you have a big bunny, too, you can make a bunny pyramid!


Maybe a dumb question, but I could not resist, do these little dwarf bunnies need to be feed with mini/baby carrots? :rabbit::carrot:


Lol, no, but since bunnies should get carrots only in really tiny amounts anyway, it might save you some unused carrots.
Even more shocking: A lot of bunnies aren’t keen on carrots. Most prefer bananas or strawberries. But those, too, should only be fed in tiniest amounts as treats. 80% of a bunny-diet is boring hay.


Ah, so that bunnies mostly eats carrots is false? Damn there u see how much I know about these adorable creatures…


Well, Pharos is a Divine Undead, which i assume is related to how egyptians myths are perceived and translated into fantasy settings such as our dear game.

For all matters he is indeed an undead, but not a profane parody of life. I think the creative team went with a combination of many myths to create a strong egyptian identity but still mantaining a unique approach to their own creation.

So, we have a figure that resembles the depictions of Horus, a god with human body and a falcon’s head that strangely vanished ages ago according to: A New Mythic Approaches - Pharos-Ra which also gives a little more details of his divine powers as bringer of life and death. But right now he doesn’t bring much life anymore…

I believe he was slayed by other god(s), but for such beings death is just a momentary setback sometimes. And his return might be due intervention from other god (or godess just like Isis ressurrected her husband Osiris killed by Seth, again borrowing some details from egyptian myths) that might appear in the future, and maybe as a side effect he lost his powers over life which explains why he’s not Yellow (largely related to life, divine and sacred powers he once had) but mastering death, after experiencing it on first hand, could be just what he needs to pursue retribution. But still, he keeps his Divinestatus because he is a god and because it was divine intervention that brought him back i believe.

So, don’t worry Sheba, you both would probably be the proudest parents of the cutest Bunny/Falcon hybrids of all time. If you give him a chance… :wink:

Also, as i realised that Bastite, Settite and Anubite have the same sufix “ite” i wonder if it was meant to sound just like “ypt” in “Egypt” due some variation of Australia’s accent. As far as i know “ite” and “ypt” sounds different…

Anything to share about my theories @Sirrian and/or @Nimhain?

Ingame lore and speculation

A bunny mostly eating carrots would die very, very quickly as bowel movement problems basically can kill bunnies overnight. It’s super-easy to upset their stomachs. They’re fragile, little guys, sadly.

Horus and Ra are different gods, even though they look similiar to someone not knowing Egyptian myths. (I was really a fan of those as a child, but have forgotten a lot of it these days.)

Where did that weird idea even come from?!:laughing::scream: Just because I wanted him in the forge for so long? If that’s the case, one of his other adoring fans from there can have him. There’s other guys (or girls) I would rather hook up with than the big chicken.:joy:

…Also why are you pinging the devs after the thread has been so derailed, eep! Now we gotta hide.:stuck_out_tongue:

Ingame lore and speculation


I know, but i just have a hunch the devs made a combination of myths. Otherwise we wouldn’t have space for so many gods just on Khetar… :slightly_smiling_face:

Ingame lore and speculation

If I remember correctly the Devs changed the name from Horus to Pharos-Ra in the last days before its release. If we ever gonna see another Egyptian throne troop again, let it be a Queen, we need a female too… Bastite Priestess is not good enough. :stuck_out_tongue:

Ingame lore and speculation

I still feel like he’s really just Ra, though - the skill alone kind of points to it. The “Pharos”-part might indicate that he is based on Ra-Horakhty, but I’m still having doubts. Horus was more associated with the sky and kingship while Ra was associated with the sun.

A female egyptian queen/goddess-mix would be nice, though. Hoping for Isis, who has always been my favourite female egyptian goddess.

Ingame lore and speculation

With Pharos in his name it makes him also a little unique in the Krystara universe. Like its a different type of Ra/God.

Ingame lore and speculation

Well, the egyptian gods sometimes had a million different versions to them as well, so I suppose you’re likely completely right there.

Ingame lore and speculation

Since I love Egyptian mythology, I guess I’ll jump on the speculation bandwagon.

Pharos-Ra looks like an amalgamation of various gods that were associated with Ra. Ra-Horakhty was the name given to a god created in a later period that mixed aspects of Ra and Horus together. (Note, that Pharos-Ra was initially named Horus.)

In Ra’s central tale, he travels across the sky in his sun boat then lowers into the underworld to fight Apophis. While in the underworld, he joins with Osiris (one of his aspects is associated with the underworld).

As for “Pharos”, I assumed they were making a link between the word and Ra’s association with Pharaohs.

So, long story short, his spell fits in nicely with the link of yellow (sun) and purple (underworld).