A New Mythic Approaches - Pharos-Ra

Originally published at: A New Mythic Approaches – Pharos-Ra – Gems of War
Meet the Ancient God of Khetar.

New Mythic Troop: Pharos-Ra

Before the wars ruined Khetar, before the Keeper of Souls made his home there, before even the Settites, Anubites, and Bastites had built their first temples… Pharos-Ra walked the lands , raising life from the dust.

While few cults remain to worship him today, they all fervently believe that he was the source of all living beings in Krystara… and the source of all death too. Pharos-Ra was keeper of the door to the mortal realm… and when he left, as the Settites & Anubites went to war, chaos descended.

He’s back now though… so who knows WHAT that means for Khetar, where his old temple lies in ruins.

Pharos-Ra will be the only Mythic Troop available from Glory, Gem, Guild & VIP chests for the next 7 days.

Please note this Troop is currently only available to Steam, iOS and Android versions of the game.

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Looks a bit niche, and expensive to cast and trait for soul farming even.

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Doesn’t that mean we can now get 3 Blue Stars in Khetar? it’s still marked as “Coming Soon”

if you bought Path to Glory on the first day it was avaialble, the last reward will come out in 6 days. Will that troop definitely be a random mythic, even though it is received during this exclusive week? What about mythic drops from legendary tasks, can they drop something other than Pharos-Ra?

Everything reads like those should still be random, but just wondering if that is due to legendary tasks and PtG being newish.

EDIT: Also, that text, “Give 20 Souls” that’s not normal. How does “give” souls differ from “gain” souls?

How do I put this…

This is one of the few mythics I could actually see myself using. The only thing I wish was that its spell was split damage.

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I got him as “Horus”?

Fantastic artwork and something different. Looking forward to seeing him on console. Is gards avatar coming today to console?

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There seems to be a typo in his flavor text, though. Looks like it missed an update:
Ra, Ra, Pharus-Ra. He’s the greatest God by far!


Legendary tasks drop random Mythics even when there’s only one available in chests. I have no idea about Path to Glory.


Are you playing in another language? That was the draft name for him and I’m guessing one of the other languages missed getting updated?

With 1:1 boost ratio on his spell, he could hits really hard. Probably could one-shot anything at one point.
Eh but he’s not the most powerful card, because the most powerful card is still credit card.


Bonnie Rose can do that just as well (95+ dmg at 150 gold) and is a lot easier to cast and trait. This is the first mythic that I wouldnt mind not having in my collection.

I think there would be more interest in this guy if there were an end game use for souls. Right now they are the only resource with no “outlet,” players just accumulate them for no purpose.

Something like Soul Chests would make souls relevant again for people who are just sitting on ever-increasing piles of a now-mostly-useless resource.


This could be fixed by letting ppl complete guild tasks with souls. But I like your idea with soul chests. Just anything to give any value to souls for those hoarding them would be… good.

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I play in English

Bonnie Rose Doesn’t have Merchant, she has to rely on two other troops with Merchant to achieve the results you mentioned (+25% each). In addition, she only gains 15 gold per cast (so 23 including the Merchants), it will take her 7 casts to get to the max. After all of that, she will only do a max of 96 damage (assuming all guild/kingdom level bonuses).

Compare that to a traited Pharos, he can reach 100 souls alone (without any extra Necromancy troop), his max damage in that case would be 119 (assuming bonuses as above). If you add 2 more Necromancy troops (at +50% each), his max damage would be 159. Or, you can use two of him, for a max of 179 damage. And the best part - he can achieve that in 2 casts, and often enough he fills himself, so there’s a potential for 2 casts in a row, the second already doing impressive damage (69-99, depending on the cases above).

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Soul chests are a fantastic idea. Maybe only contain traitstones and glory?

Would have to try out a team with a fully traited Pharos-Ra. But I still doubt that it would work faster or more reliably than Bronzelock Pistol/Alchemist/Bonnie Rose/ Finley. Give it a try. And compare that to a Pharos-Ra team when you find him and get him fully traited [which I wouldnt do =P].

EDIT: You’d obviously use Alchemist and Finley and the gold from match-4s to get to the 150 gold, rather than cast Bonnie Rose 7 times to get there.

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Why would you think I didn’t already? I had a wonderful time with him. Would try your team later for comparison, but I’m not holding my breath.