Cool screenshot topic


I know it’s not funny or anything, but since it’ll be 1111 more levels until the next cool number, I still took a screenshot (and I even got an Arcane in the battle!).



Halfway to… um… having a million glory I guess?



Do you not spend it each week to get the glory troop to mythic?


I usually get 16 packs per troop per week, more if the troop is good and I want to ascend it more (for below Epic, obviously) or I need the stone (not going to be an issue for a while at this point, I’m far over on most stone types) and fewer if the troop is outright terrible and low rarity (ie., claw dancer) or I had to open event keys to get a new legendary. I always mythic the Epic during the event, but anything that isn’t an Epic is most likely going to be mythic when I open keys for whatever kingdom is next anyways, barring things that release right before a kingdom, in which case, maybe the during the next mythic exclusive period. I get most my tribute windows, so that helps. I had to open some gold keys to bridge the gap once I saw I was at a multiple of 20 within reach of 500k glory, but I still have a few left:


(okay, so I opened a few more after that to get this screenshot, but it still looks nice)


Shut the front door.

You are dead to me …


500’000 Glory is 25’000 Glory keys is 25000 / 7143 = 3.5 Mythics
You can pull 3.5 Mythics with that stash of yours.


With a very high likelihood of dupes, considering the only ones that I’m only missing two at the moment out of the 21 available as drops. A single event key still carries more potential value for me than 9 glory keys, so this is my emergency Event Key stash.


I have almost 200k Glory and I max out Ultras these days…


Today I was wondering if this is possible to have two guilds with exactly same amount of trophies and it looks like it is, and it happened to my guild xD
RIP 403 Rank…


So close to getting to say “Error 404: Guild Not Found”


Emperor (Penguin) Khorvash…
It’s amusing to imagine three penguins following him around. :rofl:


Was that me? Because that’s my defense team. :stuck_out_tongue:
Also relinking this comic:


The game’s nickname wasn’t Sheba, so i’m not sure if it was you.

Nice comic, i really missed some stuff back in November. We need to make something using the Penguins of Madagascar in the future… :rofl:


I’m Sheba in the game, too, so then it wasn’t me… obviously. I also was a total derp, my Penguins are only Ultra-Rare so far and these in the screenshot obviously are not. :laughing:

Also man, Madagascar was yeeeears back for me (only saw the first part as a kid), so I barely remember these dudes anymore, but…


So you are…Queen Sheba? (Yeah and I expect you to watch it all)


Lol, I am at least grateful for you assuming that and not - like everyone else - that my name came from the popular catfood brand. :stuck_out_tongue: (No honestly, I was just never able to figure out a good screenname for myself and so, 16 years ago, went with the name I gave the main character of my first novel. And she had actually gotten it in honor of my favourite video game character named Sheba (from an old GBA game called Golden Sun).)

I’m cool with being a queen, though. Queen of Bunnies! :laughing:


I like your name, it especially reminds me of cat food. Imagine if Queen Sheba will enter the game as a Mythic, Pharos-RAs wife, such a great idea. :smiley:


While that would be hilarious, I dunno if I want people to claim I’m married to an undead chicken.:rofl:


Pharos-Ra can be all masked up tho, but I doubt it. :stuck_out_tongue:
Talking about masked up, check Queen Shebas mask that she is holding…


If he’s based on Ra (as his name implies), he definitely isn’t masked.
Also dude, that mask is soooo not me. This is clearly me:

Also these weird yellow Manticores in the picture don’t even have nose horns, how cheap!

(Also we’re super-offtopic. Someone having a cool screenshot?)