Cool screenshot topic


The Ring of Wonder gave a nice bump in gold winnings. I wont buy it again unless they put it at the 100% that it was advertised at originally.


What VIP level are you?


I’m at vip 11


I feel happy i just done my first 20k PVP MATCHES!!!


PvP rewards lol


Maybe we could get cards from specific kingdoms by exploring in the future? The glitch has spoken!!


My new Pharos-Ra doing its job!


I was testing my Wildfolk team of Faunessa, Satyr Musician, Nax and Green Slime. Nax boosted Faunessa’s Magic twice, so she was gaining near 100 life per cast. On the other side was Elemaugrim, and with his third trait he wiped all my troops’ Attack away. If Faunessa weren’t using enemy’s attack with her spell, I would never finish this fight!
Troll was matching purple mana (because he needs it too) and yellow to slow me down, plus he was regeneratin 3 Life every turn xD It was so annoying… I was relying only on Faunessa’s spell. At the end, when she casted spell for the last time she had exactly 1000 Life, but unfortunatelly I was to slow to make a screenshot xD


…yay i guess :tired_face:



Just 8,200 levels to go until you win the game!


Uummm, you the man?



woop woop… new record for me in kingdoms and glory :santa:t2::smiley:


image stuck in the middle. AI can play normally but i can’t see what’s under it. tell me again how AI is not cheating :stuck_out_tongue:


Just Arena fight with Staff of Visions xD Hero gave herself +Magic 4 or 5 times in the row :smiley:


The last Arcane of the year…

…after 1159 levels and 2875 hours playing this game…

…i have all arcanes that would be needed to trait all troops and classes!!! :confetti_ball:

I’m still missing troops to have a full collection, some mythics and two of the recently added troops, Ser Cygnia and Sol’zara ( nothing the devs couldn’t fix on their end :wink: ) What? Not gonna happen? Gib Mythics!1! I report you! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Anyway, even as a partial achievement i can still enjoy it, at least until next year releases.




When you choose a name like radical exorcist and find that more than 24,000 beat you to it, you deserve some luck!



Worth noting that a lvl12 can not functionally use a mythic lol. Particularly one that’s specialized like that.



That looks like a colonoscopy with a hand on each shoulder lol