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There was a glitch a long time ago where for some reason armor wasn’t displaying on characters on the victory screen, so I have a large collection of salacious topless Gems of War ladies staring at me, their ripped werewolf boyfriend.

I guess for content here’s “my favorite anniversary present ever”:


I’ve never had a tribute as high as this not give any glory


Don’t you mean 42?


Okay so there is sometimes REAL GOOD RNG on the player side

End of my 1st Turn


But enemy has four troops left. You have AI level luck, when the opposition has two or less troops left.


That was round 1 and all my troops were mana full. I wish I had taken a screen shot of the 6 match and the 7 match combos…


hay i just got one of these, did we ever get any info on what they are doing here? xD

cer cyg


I got better troop :smiley:



Gorgotha plays for neither team!


I had this issue on previous update as well. Especially when you use a weapon which could pull /reorder troops.


Gorgotha plays for both teams :smirk:


Devs want me to buy a $1 pack discounted at 80% for £17.99 :laughing:( I’ll take it for original price :smiling_imp:)


Thought I’d see if I could grab one of the new troops with a quick glory key pack…


That’s from 50? If so, your luck is insane!


Man - wow…

I will take what you don’t want…


Opened 10 gem keys trying to get a new troop but got my third Doomclaw instead


I wish! Unfortunately it was from a pack of 200, but given that all I was fishing for was the new legendary, I’ll absolutely take it…


Been a while since I got such a good tribute…