Cool screenshot topic


See here: GW Defense Teams STILL Resetting (Update?)


See there: My response.

p.s Netwizard I know that’s a bug but it DOES look pretty cool.


I don’t want to get anymore pvp points now


Can I have a Pharos-Ra as a compensation? And Famine, please. And 500 gems on top of that, I will really appreciate it =)
EDIT: Fire bombs surprisingly have somewhat 20% PvP winrate. I hope the same applies to GW =/


Bears like feasting on Chicken and Unicorn :smile:
Sorry @Nimhain :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I know the feels :sob:


My first ever perfect week



(10 char)


Best Tribute EVER! :sunglasses:


No doubt. Be sure to start a thread letting us know what you got from your 4.56 gold chests!


I hope it was at least fun to play :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Yeah I think the King got taken down after the first Queen went on a run. Urskatyr’s boosted attack plus enraged helped against troops with extra life :grimacing:


What a way to start a day. :smile:


My tributes have been low this week also. No onesies yet but a couple of twos and threes. Odd.


Your emissaries must be visiting me instead. I’ve been getting an uncharacteristically high number of 11 and 12 kingdom tributes the past couple days.


Lucky gal!!! Dayummmm! :smiley:


Yup, but ever since my luck has completely left me again. Opened 50 more VIP chests and got a single legendary in them. Back to “normal” for me.:sweat:


Who said Weapons weren’t Cool !! XD


If that were to hit your own troops it would hardly make a dent!


Round numbers are mildly satisfying