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CONSOLE: New Kingdom - Merlantis

Originally published at: https://gemsofwar.com/console-new-kingdom-merlantis/

New Kingdom: Merlantis

Join Lil’ Johnny Bronze under the sea, and meet the fine folks of Merlantis.

Collect 7 new troops including: the Giant Crab, the Hippocampus, the Kuotani, the Merlion, and the Lamprey; along with siren of the seas, Azura and the great serpent, Leviathan!

Please note this release only applies to the XBox One and Playstation 4 versions of the game.

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First lol :slight_smile:

Awesome. Pretty excited about this one.

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Blasted through on warlord 4 in twenty minutes, loved the artwork on this one. Very nice job. It’s just such a shame… Never mind. :disappointed_relieved:

Got them all and fully traited just need to wait for event then I can 5 star kingdom easily.

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Don’t know about anyone one else but, I can’t find the kingdom in search or my troops I got?

the same here

@Polaris, @Renacht, you are on 3.2, right? I had the same issue while I was still running 3.1.5. Merlantis wouldn’t even show up on the map for me to unlock.

I’ve already reloged and still can’t see them, and I guess, whatever the last patch was for GOW ps4 I have.

You have to unlock kingdom for 4k gold. It is on the far left of the map.

I know that, I’ve already did the quest line. What I mean is, I cant seach the kingdom in troops menu and i can’t find my new troops from the kingdom.


Working fine on my ps4.
Got a second Pharos-Ra opening 2500 glory chests whilst trying to get merlantis troops too! 700 souls per battle might come in useful if I want to craft mythic weapons. I do like the theme of merlantis I must say.

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Craft Dawnbringer. You won’t regret it.

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I’ll wait to for the next one first!

no kingdom showing up in menu , no banner and troops either. (ps4)

opened up 1300 glory keys and couldn’t get a Merlion (got a 2nd Doomclaw instead, boo).
opened up 10 red summoning troop stones, got a Merlion and a Gard’s Avatar (new for me).

so yay, I guess I like summoning troop stones now?


Hippocampus in gold chests on xbox? 2000 keys and not found.

yeah, but it was very rare compared to Kuotani. Only had 1 or 2 after opening up 1200 gold keys.

Never mind I got one.

I have loads of these red summon stones. How do they work?