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Where is Merlantis for the console?

I thought the plan had been to release kingdoms on all formats at the same time, We have merlantis…and other troops on the title screen already.What Gives?

In general it’s horrible that non-console players can plan everything they do weeks beforehand. On console we have no plan known beforehand and everything seems random. What is the reason for this delay? Really! I can’t understand. We are 2 troops behind, so why do we stall here? Then you leave an event that was released on PC a month ago un-released on console and we still don’t have Fire Giant. Are you actually planning to make all platforms synchro?

I’m getting bored of this sh*t.


Most likely most of the console player base just loves this and is expressing much support via PM messages, so yeah, don’t be so negative.


It must be the same guy planning console release program who made the new UI. Please give me his medication, I need to have that same stuff ASAP.


Bugged so you can’t select kingdom on the map nimhain said…

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PC/Mobile favouritism all time’s dude that will not change. (Yeah we get the update first but eh it’s not like they’ve had so many other updates before us huh.

Yeah, when I saw “Unlock Merlantis” in my Daily Tasks, I felt that fleeting excitement, as it soon became apparent after surveying the map that this kingdom was not yet available.

Soon, I imagine… and I can wait. Frankly, I’d rather have the other kingdom with the Asiatic theme released first, as I’m really curious as to what the troop types and abilities are.

Also, I’m surprised no one, in response to the thread title, responded with, “it’s underwater.” :slightly_smiling_face:

Merlantis should (hopefully) be next week on console - though that’s dependent on a hot fix getting through Microsoft/Sony.

We’ve now got most of our releases within a week pretty much from PC/Mobile to Console (and sometimes simultaneously) so it’s certainly a LOT better than the gap of many months we had previously.
We’re still working on bridging that last little 1-2 week gap though. We’ll get there soon I hope!

And the problem was indeed, as Nimhain said, that the control-scheme on console of snapping from kingdom-to-kingdom with the game controller, could not reach Merlantis. It happened because Merlantis was not one of our originally-planned kingdoms, so it was not added into a console-specific network of kingdom - a piece of code that we only just learned a week or so ago.


@sirrian any reason every time i launch the
Game on xbox it keep downloading data?

Same on ps4

And the game just takes way too long to load in general (on xbox)…

@Sirrian Why is console consistently lagging behind? I’m trying to be patient but it’s hard when we are always a few steps behind PC?

Do you honestly think that we will ever have true synchronization with PC in that a troop is always launched on the same day, or is that a harsh reality that will never likely come?

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Honest question, since I don’t play Console, but: why is 100% synchronization desirable? It’s not as if we can cross-play once it happens. Is it about the thrill of being on the bleeding edge, and sharing the excitement about new troops in real time, as opposed to a week or so later?

Objectively, I’m not sure being a few weeks back is really a detriment to Console players. Some of the recent gaffes (like Fizzbang) missed Console entirely as a result. I would think a Console player would like the fact that PC/Mobile players are the game’s beta testers in their stead.


What the point of rushing mythic release if we never catch up? I mean i would prefer get a mythic every month then every 2-3 weeks, at least we would have more time to bank ressources, especially gems we need for crafting and vip chests

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For so long we have been behind it feels like we are not as important or that we will get it at a later date. After doing this for over a year it wears on you a bit.

I know it shouldn’t matter but every week you get to play with the new troops and we get to watch you play with them.

I’m honestly shocked we got 3.2 the same day but very excited and hope it sets a new norm.


Yeah, that makes sense. Not being in those shoes, I don’t have that perspective, but thanks for sharing yours.

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This is the original posts dating when this initiative started.

Don’t get me wrong I’m very appreciative of all the hard work that has been put in but it has been a very long painful journey for console players. We are left out so much compared to PC and everytime you get something new it is a constant reminder that we are behind.

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Don’t you mean since console got GOW in 2015? Lol

Correct me if i’m wrong, did we get Necrezza though Mail like PC did?