The Future of Gems of War on PS4/Xbox

Greetings, Adventurers!

We’ve got some big news for you today.
After a mini-update goes out on consoles this week, mostly addressing some bug fixes, we’re going to be switching development on PS4/Xbox from Pipeworks across to our internal team at Infinity Plus Two.

The Pipeworks guys have done an amazing job, to take our little Mobile/PC game, and turn it into a successful console title. Console development has a unique set of challenges they’ve totally aced, which has made the handover very smooth. On our side, we’ve grown the team at Infinity Plus Two a little, with some experienced console developers of our own to make sure there is no interruption to your gameplay whatsoever.

So, why the switch? Well, it’s pretty simple really…
Ever since we seriously looked at creating a console version, it’s been our mutual goal to bring the PS4 and Xbox up to date with Mobile/PC. Given that we had a year’s head start, Pipeworks did a fantastic job at almost catching us up, but having everything under one roof will just make sync’ing up the last things that little bit easier.
Also, you know, the Pipeworks guys have a ton of other games they want to make too!

What does all this mean for you, the player?
Our goal is now to make sure that we get all versions of the game in sync as quickly as possible.
That’s not going to happen overnight, but we have a solid plan in place. Our first task is to get you all the FEATURES on console that you’re missing, and the second task is to get you all the TROOPS & KINGDOMS you’re missing!
We’ll also start getting all console news into our Social Media channels immediately so you’ll start seeing “This event applies to Console versions only” and you won’t have to just see the Mobile/PC news any more!

When? When? When?
Timing-wise, we plan to roll out the next update in early September, which includes the new PvP system along with Explore mode and pretty much all the features in the current Mobile/PC version (plus a few neat little surprises). That will put you only a single update behind, and we should have it all in sync with the Guild update by mid-to-late October. Troops are a little trickier, because we want to give you the opportunity to get them all, so we’re going to start speeding up the introduction of troops and kingdoms with the early September update, and should have that all in-sync by mid-December.

So, once again, our thanks go out to the awesome team at Pipeworks for carrying us this far, along with the fantastic support from you guys who play our game every day!
We’ll see you all in Krystara!


I’ll make sure to spread the word. :slight_smile:


100% in-sync means PC/mobile players will get daily rewards tasks and Steam will get NEW ACHIEVEMENTS, right?? :slight_smile:


Does this mean the guild update comes to PC/Mobile in October as well?


Thanks for making this earth-shattering console news all about PC/Mobile… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

You’re welcome. :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks to @Mr.Strange, @Nex and all of the other console devs for all their hard work! I’ve really appreciated the work you’ve put into our version of the game and the way you’ve engaged with the console players over the last few months. The support staff were also amazing the one time I had occasion to need their services.


Great news for our console brothers! :smiley:


Omg that is awesome very good news!!!

Since we are 56 troops and 2 kingdoms behind (plus whatever new content is released during the synchronization process), I am very curious to see how you are going to do this (I mean that with all sincerity).

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I like the idea of speeding up kingdoms and new troops. I’m not sure how my glory pile will cope with the extra troops. Still I welcome all the changes.

@Sirrian does this also mean a change for new event day and time?

I remember the 1am daily reset on pc and now its 5pm Aussie time.

Great surprising news. Be interesting to see how we will catch up troops wise… temporarily halve their glory requirement and release 4 a week? :grin:

@TaliaParks will have a heart attack.

Does this mean the end of @Mr.Strange and @Nex? Hopefully they are around long enough to enjoy a period where they are not being asked 10 times a day when we will catch up! :beers:


I suspect this week’s triple troop event is partly a test to see how the console players might handle an accelerated catch-up phase. Although the evidence of other triple events suggests its not just that.

Shame we’ll all still be on split servers though. It’d be interesting to see how the game changes if we were to actually merge. Oh well.


Assuming consoles are in sync with PC in December I have two questions:

1: Can we then use Mobile too? :heart_eyes:

2: Do we stay in total synchronism despite console updates being every 3 months?

  1. For legal issues we still can’t allow account linking across consoles and mobile.
  2. Once consoles and pc/mobile is synced, we plan to keep them synced
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  1. This is incredible news!
  2. I would like to thank @Nex and @Mr.Strange and all the console Devs for all their time answering question/complaints, I’m sure some of it was when they were out of the office. Thanks again!

@Sirrian as soon as it is realistic could you please give us an vague plan for this accelerated catch up. Should I be saving Gold, Glory Gems, Keys (All of the above)?
EDIT: This applies primarily to the troops/Kingdoms rollout.

Again great news!


I agree. Thank you so much, @Mr.Strange and @Nex and the rest of the Console team! Excited to see where things go next.

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Best news I’ve heard all day! Thanks to all the devs for their hard work.

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@Mr.Strange and @Nex, thank you for all of your good and hard work. And thank you for putting up with me.

I am very curious, and very concerned how the plan to introduce Troops en masse. Maybe do a Kingdom per week with a bundle that includes one of each of the outstanding Troops with the appropriate Traitstones at a reduced price?


Mist of Scales -
1x Marsh Raptor
1x Marilith
1x Naga Queen
2x Arcane Beasts
1x Arcane Light
1x Arcane Swamp
4x Minor Fire
4x Minor Wind
4x Minor Water

Price: 800 Glory (Would be 1000 with the current system)