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The December 2015 PS4/XB1 patch is almost here!

We are very excited to announce that the new patches for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One will be rolling out over the coming days! PS4 should be live later today (December 16, 2015), with Xbox One coming a few days later, as we are currently finishing up all things submission-related with Microsoft!

To give you a preview of what’s contained in it, here is the change log, straight from Pipeworks. It’s not just bug fixes, either… there are new additions and improvements to what you are already enjoying! Please look forward to it, and let us know if you encounter any existing or new issues.

Thank you for your continued support and for playing Gems of War!

New and Updated Features:

  • Arenas: You are now given a choice between three Epic weapons for your Hero at the start of Arena mode! You can also purchase the Troops you get in Arena mode if you win at least three rounds.
  • Main Menu: Invade and Defend buttons have been merged into a new PVP menu.
  • Main Menu: News button added to bring up the News window.
  • Main Menu: Hero portrait now shows Armor bonuses.
  • New PVP Menu: This menu shows your stats for PVP victories and defeats and has three buttons: Invade, Revenge (formerly known as Defend), and Defenders (sets your Defense Team).
  • Troops Menu: This menu has been completely reworked! Banners have been changed to Teams. Players are awarded 1 team every 10 levels. Teams can have their banner set to any Kingdom you have unlocked to provide different bonuses. Legacy accounts should have the number of teams that they had banners, even if they do not meet the level requirements. We have also added sorting by mana color, kingdom, and type!
  • Hero Menu: This menu has been given a new layout. Mana bonuses are at the front now and are broken out into individual and Guild bonuses.
  • For a small fee (in-game Gold currency), players can now view their opponent’s team prior to battle!
  • We added a tutorial message to explain the Kingdom/Main Menu mode button.

Bug fixes for all platforms:

  • Troop card border art has been changed to look better.
  • We now prevent the user from backing out of the Treasure Map minigame while the award animation is playing. Even though they were still being awarded, it felt like they were not.
  • Fixed a bug where a crash could occur when Disenchanting if you had large numbers of troops.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when you leveled up after a battle and were awarded a new weapon (due to increasing a mastery with certain tasks also completed at the same time).
  • Fixed the Task for “Win a battle with 3 troops from {kingdom}”, which was not awarding gold appropriately.
  • Fixed the Task for “Use X treasure maps”, which was not awarding appropriately.
  • Fixed a spelling error in the “Make a purchase with gems” task description.
  • Various other in-game text issue fixes.

Xbox One-specific bug fixes:

  • Fixed Mentor Achievement unlocking prior to fulfilling the criteria.
  • Fixed placeholder characters for the in-title Store currencies when the console language and location settings are set to the following release combinations: English/Czech Republic, Polish/Poland, Portuguese/Portugal, and Korean/Korea

Finally! Thanks for this!

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What time GMT can we expect this. Thx.

It’s out now.

Why are ‘Difficulty’ and ‘Collection’ greyed out in the hero section?

Likewise for ‘Bonuses’ in the troops section.

It’s actually harder now to tell whether your team is made up of a particular kingdom’s troops. I have a Forest of Thorns troop set up for a task before the update but now I have no idea which ‘team’ it is because it does not tell you about the team members when you hover over them. You have to go to the edit screen which is daunting too as you can’t tell what you had originally in that ‘team’.

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Sweet Maloney! Thank you so much, devs. Outstanding and you are working with an amazing speed that I never expected from you. Eika is happy. Keep up the hard and good work, guys! Have a lovely Xmas from Eika the Geika!

-The updated artwork looks much worse, it looks like it was all drawn by a toddler with access to brightly coloured pencils/crayons. Particularly the borders. It has made it look more childlike.

-When one opens a chest and got a new card it used to show in the bottom right how many of that card one had in total. That has dissapeared and now we have to go to troops menu to see if it was a new card or not.

-What the dude above me said about not seeing which cards are from which Kingdom easily.

-The newly coloured borders… its almost enough to stop me playing, it looks terrible so have to put it again.

Other than that I think it was a good update

And now I’m getting flashbacks from when 1.0.7 was first released.

Has anyone made comment about the speed being too fast yet? 'Cause that was a pretty common one.

Also, congrats console players on making it “1.0.7”! Sadly you are still one large patch behind us but I’m sure you’ll be with us soon! (Plus however many kingdoms you’re still missing.)

Another annoyance from the update:

-when pressing L1 or R1 to select a team and then pressing a corresponding button to bring up a characters card to either inspect or to cast magic, one has to let go of L1 or R1 immediately or it cycles between character card and it’s spell card. Before the update even if you held L1 or R1 after you pressed the button for the card it would stay on the character card and then you have to press R1 to see the spell card… now when all I want to do is see the character card it quickly cycles between that and the spell card unless I let go of L1 or R1 immediately.

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  • Troop card border art has been changed to look better.

how can anyone say this was an improvement:

before update

after update

it’s the same card, same level (15) and this is exactly how it was displayed in batle before and after. I didn’t have a screenshot from a battle before the update that wasn’t greyed out (auto screenshot from when trophy popped) but I can confirm that the before image is how it was displayed in battle too.

Not only has the border been changed but the art inside has been changed by zooming in. A massive reduction in detail for border and card art.

Man folks don’t sound too happy. Too busy at the moment to play Gems of War but almost afraid to boot up the PS4 now.

We heard similar things when 1.0.7 came out on PC/mobile. All I can suggest is to play it for yourself.

If you are a Dev please explain how the border art has been improved? It has been simplified. I’m sure it’s not because the PS4 doesn’t have enough power to use more detailed cards. Please see my previous post for images.

Hi Ratmaninoff_II,

So, as a dev, we know that not every decision we make appeals to everyone equally.
Some folks disliked the change in card art, more folks seemed to like it. Personally, I’m a fan, because the new cards:

a) More clearly show the rarity, as color on the card, general decoration on the card & stars (which all help to also RANK the rarities for newer players)
b) Have larger troop art
c) remove busy-ness and detail from frames around the troop art to make the art pop a bit more
d) More clearly define the Troop-type with words, to help people parse spell text

“-When one opens a chest and got a new card it used to show in the bottom right how many of that card one had in total. That has dissapeared and now we have to go to troops menu to see if it was a new card or not.”

This too.

Also, if you accidentally go out of the team you’re choosing when starting a battle it takes ages to rechoose that team.

And the weapon to hit first two enemies and skull boost still does not work properly.

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This isn’t 1.07 it’s 1.07 lite. bonuses aren’t added wild plains and orctown aren’t added. Haven’t tried the arena yet but offering an epic weapon and preventing me from choosing my epic or legendary weapons is a major nerf


Yeah I figured there were some differences. Already knew the kingdoms weren’t added, but progress is progress!

The weapon in arena thing is actually completely unique so I can’t make any proper comment on it, but it sounds… interesting.

Interesting if you don’t have good weapons already. In most cases I’d rather use summers fury or war and peace than what I end up with in the arena. If it’s the first selection it’s even worse because I won’t know how it would impact the team. if it’s last it’s workable but plenty of garbage epic weapons out there. At least I know with the hero having a good weapon i’ll have a constant source of damage regardless of how bad a draw I get. Now I could end up with no damage options beside skull matching.

Hi! I’m on XB1, and got the task of “win a battle using 3 troops from [kingdom]”. I’ve been doing this in “Challenges”. Each time I’ve gotten Zaejin (3 times now) the game has crashed after I won. The game stops responding at “Victory”, not giving me the option to continue. After the first time, I went back to the main menu in NXBE, and exited, restarted the game. I then got the same task, but it was Zhul-Kari, but the previous challenge had been completed, I had to start a new one. Then Zhul crashed, restarted, it was Zaejin, again. Will this patch fix this, or do you need more details? ETA actually, the game has been crashing after every victory when a Goblin has been involved, either mine, or in the enemy’s troops. In fact, this last time it crashed, I couldn’t hit the enemy’s goblin and it only had 1hp left. Then, of course, I won the battle, and it crashed again. Maybe someone could move this post to support for me? It doesn’t seem to be about the impending update any longer.

That happens to me a lot on PS4 with that task. :frowning: