PS4 and Xbox One patches for Gems of War are now live!

Hi everyone,

Great news! I just received confirmation that the patches are now live, or should be live in your region very soon! :slight_smile:

Here is the full changelog:

  • Increased the gem falling and attack animation speeds.
  • Fixed data corruption issue when users quit the tutorial early.
  • Fixed treasure maps not awarding from in game cascades.
  • Fixed certain tasks not completing (spend glory, earn a new weapon, etc.)
  • Fixed various quest line final cinematics so that they can be completed.
  • Fixed an issue where arena troops changed if you quit before playing the first match.
  • Fixed Arena bug where chests were showing troops as level 10 upon opening them.
  • Fixed the Disenchant Threshold.
  • Other backend tweaks and bug fixes.

We’ve been testing the release version this morning, and I can confirm that a bunch of big issues have been fixed, including daily task rewards, Disenchant Thresholds, Arena card level/troop bugs, and others. We haven’t gotten to the completed quest line bugs yet, but we’re told those should be addressed as well!

The problems we’ve run into and heard reported so far are the following:

  • The Use 4 Treasure Maps task is not working
  • The Use 3 Troops from [Kingdom] task is not working
  • The Earn a New Weapon task is not working
  • The Use a Banner from [Kingdom] task is not working
  • Sometimes Arena wins will count as losses
  • Specific Troop special attacks sometimes do not work as intended
    ** Boar Rider: Boar & Gore
    ** Knight Coronet: Cleave

I have already notified the development team about these issues, and we plan to have them addressed for the next patch (release date TBD).

Thanks again for your continued support and patience. Your feedback has been very helpful in tracking some of the more elusive issues down, so we couldn’t have done it without your time and input!

-505 Games Support


The sped-up gem falling animation looks worse than the original. Could we get the old animation back please?

Also sad to think about all the treasure maps I’d have if they’d been awarding properly all this time!

Thanks for the feedback… I actually prefer the fast drops. It speeds up my leveling, which is admittedly going a lot slower than I would like (currently at 37)! :wink: If you run into any XB1/PS4-specific problems, please visit us over at!

You’ve increased the monetary award music after the victory page. It’s horrible. Turning the sound down makes no difference.

Also, I had no crashes before now I get them a lot. It just crashed as I was updating my mana after levelling up. Now I can’t add a 1+ to my mana anymore.

Sorry to hear about the crashes! We can help you out more effectively if you head over to our support site and submit a ticket. That way we can get more specific information about your account, etc. Thanks, and even though you’re experiencing some problems, we do appreciate you playing the game. :slight_smile:

Ever since the update the following bugs have been noted on Xbox One:

About 10% of the time when I use my Boar & Gore special power the row will be cleared and then the next rows never drop and the game hangs. This especially seems to happen if that casting is the final kill that wins the match. Needless to say, it is especially frustrating when you are about to win a match and the game hangs.

The game also often now crashes when the victory animation is trying to load. I get the “Server is Busy” message with the Retry or Quit options. Yes after a while hitting Retry works, but apparently I lose my gold for the match.

Additionally, one of the Tasks on the task bar has a multi coloured wheel and reads “[TaskPathCLinear7]”. If hit the RB the task reverts to “Broaden your mastery levels according to the troops you like to train & use in your armies.”

Also, my Guild’s Shield is not displaying properly. When I go into the menu where you can colour your shield and assign a border and a graphic insignia to it, neither the colour nor the border appear…only the insignia works (it shows up on a plain metal shield). This broke with the patch.

Finally, since the patch, the game is all around much slower and more jittery than before it.

devinlc: Thanks for taking the time to report these! I’ve forwarded this to the QA team at Pipeworks for further investigation. We are aware of the “Linear7” task bug, and have experienced a few post-victory crashes as well (which the dev team is also aware of and looking into).

We should hopefully have an update on fix statuses by next week, so we appreciate your continued patience. If there are in-game reward issues that we can help you with, please contact us over at, and we’ll be happy to assist.

Take care, and have a great weekend!

Hey 505, i am on ps4 and i got the same task but i don’t understand it. It just keeps 2/3 and i don’t know how to get 3/3. I think mine is also glitch. Plus i bought some magic keys and i was use one of my keys and then it said lost connection sever and i hit retry then took another key of magic keys. It took two keys of mine for one draw. Please fix the keys in the chest.

I also have the quest [TaskPathCLinear7] and then when I press the task menu it says, "Broaden your mastery levels according to the troops you like to train & use in your armies. " – it’s at 2/3 progress and been stuck for days.

Also, my quest is to defend twice, and I haven’t been attacked at all in days and it isn’t changing on me.

Since the patch I haven’t been able to earn any bonuses because half my quests don’t progress.

Also, the Skullblade weapon is bugged. If the first enemy is dead it will target enemies 2 and 4. If only 3 and 4 are alive then it just targets 3. Sometimes when all 4 are alive it targets 1 and 3. Lost several matches because it did not target the way it should.

And lastly, the Paladins move seems to break if your arm or goes above 30. It stops being able to target enemies til it’s brought back down to around 20 or below.

Edit: I am on PS4, FYI.

For xbox One. Having an issue where the animation is getting stuck after every arena battle and I cannot progress. Have to restart the game after each arena battle. The win/lose still counts, just inconvenient to restart the game.

I noticed it did this once on Xbox One, but when I went to troops I noticed it still gave me the troops even tho it didn’t show it.

Laserzebra. You most likely won’t get attacked unless you invade. So just do a bunch of those and the next day or even in a few hours you’ll be able to defend. Granted that your troops lost…

I’m guessing we just add +1 to the mastery levels that our current troops are using? Do we know if you can do the same color? or does it have to vary?

Hi all,

A small update from the developer below (in italics) with regards to some end-of-battle hangs. There are a lot of other fixes for the next update, so stay tuned for a full change log coming soon. Thanks again for hanging in there! Pipeworks is getting close to having all of these remaining issues knocked out, especially with tasks and troop/weapon issues, and they send along their thanks for all of the reports that have been submitted both here and via our own portal at 505.

We identified a potential hang with spells that target enemies: If an earlier step of the spell killed the last enemy, the targeting step would hang, as there is nothing left to target.

Venom Flask explodes gems, then targets a random enemy (exactly like Bombardier). This is fixed and will be in the next patch.

Doomstones, however, only has one step: Explode Gems. If there is an issue with this spell, it is a separate issue, and we will investigate it further

The game is getting virtually unplayable now. Every time I win a challenge on a kingdom it ends up crashing the game. If you’re going to patch a game at least make sure the patch doesn’t create more problems than it fixes!

When will patch 1.07 and possibly patch 1.08 become available on xbox one? It sucks we don’t get to play with the latest version.

And how cool would it be if we were also able to sync our mobile phone game to the xbox one version…

This announcements should be pinned and closed I think…

As there is a different team working on the console versions there will always be a slight delay. However we are hoping to get the different versions as close a possible someday.

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This works just not the way it’s worded. You get the reward if you invade somebody using that as their home kingdom. IE champion of maugrim would complete use a banner from maugrim.