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Tomorrow's patch brings shorter loading times, fewer crashes

For those of you who’ve been suffering through crashes caused by certain status effects, I’ve got good news: We’re releasing a patch tomorrow morning for the PlayStation 4 version of Gems of War that should fix the issue, alongside a number of other problems players have been having. Xbox One owners, don’t worry, your patch is coming just as soon as Microsoft approves it.

While you wait for your console of choice to receive the patch, here’s a look at the full list of changes and bug fixes:

Rename Trophy Pack

Trophy pack renamed to “Crafting Update”.


We have removed the compressed bundles to improve the initial load time. This makes the package size much bigger than previously but the initial load is significantly shortened.

Bug fixes

· The Sacrifice trait did not work correctly and could cause a crash when activated.
· Traits that granted immunity to status effects could cause a crash when activated.
· When the last troop on the opponents turn dies from poison the AI player still attempts to take their turn and could cause a crash.
· When any troop that has a trait that spawns another troop is the last troop on a team and they are killed in the case that would activate his trait (25% of the time) the game could cause a crash.
· Troop list rarity and level indicators sometimes don’t show up correctly in the Troops Menu.
· Troop ascension and trait icon was inaccurate in the troops menu.
· The filter text on the troop sorting options for level and upgradable showed the old level ranges.
· If the user filtered out all their troops the Cursor would disappear in the troops list.
· Scouting was not showing true values for enemy troops prior to PVP battles.
· Difficulty bonuses were not increasing gold, XP, & souls awarded in PvP and Arena matches. Difficulty has been removed from these areas of the game.
· Challenges and quests started with the same seed every time (board configuration is always the same at the start).
· Fixed an issue where players could not be invited to a guild if there invite code was longer than 16 characters.
· Fixed an issue where kingdom bonuses would not be applied consistently after players had leveled up their kingdom to level 10.

As always, your feedback is welcome. Let us know what you think.


Looks great. Can’t wait for tomorrow.

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think we can start gettin previews of our next event tropp on the forum like pc gets?

What’s this?

I’ve never seen a “Trophy Pack”

playstation trophys… speakin of which why not throw in some more trophies and a platinum it’d draw trophy hunters and some might get hooked or just buy a few things to get the trophies faster…


The correct term is censored here but it’s synonymous with “people who sell their bodies” and rhymes with doors :wink:


Gloom leaf third trait may also have a bug when he kills the enemy’s last troop with thorns. Has crashed on me at least 10 times now.

sounds great, especially startup load time was very long lately.

p.s. sidequestion(bit off topic) how do i get a nice title like alot of users have on here??

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First, you must meet the requirements for Regular status:
Then just message Nimhain with whichever title you desire.

Do they have some requirement for which games can offer a Plat trophy? Just assumed Gems doesn’t qualify bc it’s Free.

i think some free games got plats more trophies never hurts

Hi, i play on PS4, from patch 1.085 i cant buy gems (for real money). This tab is unavailable. I’m VIP level 4 for now. It happens to you too?


@jolanda plenty of us are having this problem since the update.

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Oh my god, finally! I can 100% Karakoth tomorrow!

What region are you guys playing in?

When people here say they have “100% a city” does that mean it’s at 5 gold stars?

I’m in the North American region. There are European and Oceania players here too. Is there a particular issue going on with your region?

Thanks for this. Looks great.

I appreciate the relatively short turn-around since 1.0.85 for this amount of fixes. There will still be some lingering bugs if this is a complete list, but the only one that remains that is extremely irritating is the hang during team swaps.

pls fix this Ghostmember bug too we are only 29 and Guild says 30/30. Other Guilds have the same Problem

I think there was a bug where the Karakoth questline couldn’t be completed due to the game crashing during the battle. I can’t speak for anyone else on whether or not they correlate “100%” with a 5-star, but my gut instinct is that this is only referencing the questline.

I did the questline pre-1.085. I meant having that done and the challenges 5*'d. I don’t think Karakoth has enough troops to max its power level.