Update/Patch has gone live on Xbox! :)

The title speaks for itself. So excited. Discuss. <3

I thought they already said it was live? … If I may, how do you know it is now active? Is there a notice that shows up?

Sorry, at work still, so won’t know till I get home.


Hey there, bud. Well the reason I know it’s live is because when I logged in to GOW, Xbox One prompted me to download a Gems of War update. It was approximately 1.2 gigs. Upon loading back into the game, everything is changed! Viola. :smile:
Happy Holidays!

Quickly, one thing I noticed devs, is that now that you don’t set your defend team from the Kingdom map, there is no need for the Defend tab there. You left it in. @505GamesSupport :smile: Happy Holidays!!!

I can’t find any patch notes…

I know, right? You would think when you load back into the game after patching that they would include a preview of the new features. Oh well. If you poke around for a bit you’ll see the changes. They’re pretty obvious :smile:

Patch notes would be nice for sure. Major changes aside, there might be subtle changes and bug fixes that will take a while to notice.

Absolutely. A list of the fixed bugs, etc. would be great! @505GamesSupport

@505GamesSupport @Nimhain @Sirrian ne quick thing I have noticed is at the end of the arena, when it offers to sell you the troops, it’s soooooo expensive. 288 gems to get three cards I have 10+ copies of? I’m so confused. This can’t be intended. That means you’re spending approximately $25.00 USD on 3 relatively common troops? And if you just saved gems to get this it would be a lonnnnng time before you could afford the aforementioned troops. Thoughts? Thanks :smile:

If you train your troops to level 10 (Consoles) or higher (15 for PC/Mobile) for all three offered troops it will cost you 1 Gem for all three. The closer they are to the mentioned level the less it will cost, this is because those troops also immediately level to the mentioned level upon buying them.

So if you owned those three troops but they are all level 1, after buying them for the hefty gem price they will all become level 10 or 15 (platform depending).

Ohhhhh I see. That makes perfect sense! Thanks :smile:

EDIT: …thing is, gems and souls aren’t the same currency in the game so it’s really strange. I guess maybe the math works out some how but idk. Seems like a strange system.

I really like the graphical update. It helps identify which characters are more powerful.

@LadySapphira, the price is based on the Souls cost of levelling the offered troops to 15, given the store price of 10 Souls per Gem, with a discount of 45%, so if you’re offered troops for 288 Gems, that should mean you’d require:
288 x 10 / 0.45 = 6400 Souls to level them up.

EDIT: On PC/Mobile… on Console, I’m assuming that price would be based on levelling them to 10.

Thank you for the detailed explanation! :smile:

Yes, the stars system is great for telling what is a good troop from a glance. Lots of fun new eye candy and features! :smile:

Yep, I got the same when I got home too. Couldn’t miss it! Thanks, and Happy Holidays to you as well. :smile:

Has some ups and downs, as for my liikings, but for most part I think it looks ok and has a better setup for setting up troops. Not too crazy about the new arena setup - but time will tell… :smile:

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I wrote a story on the update at Windows Central:

Gems of War celebrates the holidays with a major update on Xbox One

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When is full patch coming out? I’ve been saving cards for ascension on my xbox

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Ascension’s still a ways off. That’s 1.0.8 stuff, and consoles haven’t even fully converted into 1.0.7 yet.

Wait until kingdoms are leveled solely by gold, and troop team bonuses show-up properly, then you can worry about ascension. =P