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Patch Notes for CONSOLE

Hey guys, we really need this as it’s already supported for PC…it kind of feels like the console community is getting the"dirty" side of the stick so to speak…on Patch notes we need to be able to choose between PC and Console…so we on Console don’t get left in the dark…that way we can know what’s coming up for us and kill the guessing game, that way we can save gems/gold/glory up ahead of time for the cards we want to get…just like the PC people do for instance I am part of the Gems of War community on facebook and people there speak of how they saved up for what they wanted…and really wouldn’t save as much when it was the periodic update with no new kingdoms and such

Let’s try to get some people behind this and see what happens

I know I am not the only one that would like to see Console supported like PC


“Dirty” side of the stick. Never heard that before.

EDIT: So I did mistake the other thread as a dev thread, it was actually made by Shiratori.

Ok, I agree with you but just a few brief points.

  1. The Console Devs have written they don’t have the manpower/staff to accomplish separate web updates.
  2. All the Devs on both the PC & Console have written multiple comments multiple times that the goal it to get all the platforms in sync “in the Future” tm

I’m sure someone else will elaborate for you, I tend to be succinct.

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Ahh, ok…I am moderately new to the forums and I don’t make a habit of reading all the old posts

S**t end of the stick…I was trying not to be crass

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hahaha yeah I knew what you meant, just never heard it like that. Yeah as said above, the devs don’t have the person power to release notes every time. So they let someone else do it. We usually at least now what kingdoms and troops we will be getting and any full updates.

No problem. I’m just passing on the info, I’m not entirely discounting your idea.

As you are new, You will be pleasantly surprised how involved the Developers are in the community compared to other games.

I think its some players that are in New Zeeland or Australia that can tell us almost a day ahead of time what is releasing that week. (Tue)

Please have official threads for xbox/ps4 as well as patch notes.

Sometimes I wish they were a bit LESS involved, you know? Always sticking their nose into all the discussions…


Were exactly did you have this stick? :poop: