Tracking Console Updates

So I really REALLY love this game, but I was informed that another company is the one bringing it to console, and I feel like all the updates here are more towards mobile and PC users…which makes sense, as you guys are up-to-date and get all the new stuff first, but…

I just wanted to know if there is another section on this forum, or another website, or maybe a Facebook Page or Twitter so I can keep updated with times and patches and stuff for console specifically.

Consoles have a more stringent patching process so things can’t be updated as easily as pc and mobile. Plus the game was out longer there. That said they are working on bringing the 2 to be as in sync with each other as possible. But there’s no set easy to predict schedule of things other than as quickly as they can.

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I understand that, but I was informed that someone else was working on the console versions and keeping them updated, and if that’s true I just wanted to know what social media or whatnot I can follow to keep up to date with the patches for the version I use because all I see here is stuff I probably won’t see for a long while yet.

Well @TaliaParks had something listing the differences between console and pc troops and what else should be in the current patch.

Off the top of my head, we still have Wild Plains kingdom and all related troops there to come along with troops like Giant Spider, Mercy, Green Slime, and Gobchomper to name a few. There are a few more than that but I don’t remember the names right now.

We announce major patches on the official Gems of War Facebook page (as well as in the news on these forums), and we also mention updates on our Twitter account, @pipeworks.


I don’t think that is quite what the OP is looking for. (list of differences). I think he wants a site, FB, Twitter, etc. that will give him a heads up on console specific patches with the notes.

ForsakenM, You are one the best site for console news updates. The console Devs are quite active here. And have posted all PS/X1 updates when appropriate… although not as fast/frequent as I would like, but I understand they need to go through MS & Sony certification before deploying updates.


Thank you so much for responding to this, Lyya just told me you were one of the main Console Devs, the other being Mr. Strange. I know that there probably isn’t just a section dedicated to console news only, but maybe that could be a thing seeing as they are quite far behind at this point (or at least it seems that way).

I’m not upset or anything though, just very excited and looking for every place I can for more news like I always do when I enjoy something. Will make sure to check those out when I get home.

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They do announce here, too (at least they announce patches). What they don’t seem to do is advertise the weekly troops anywhere (though there’s a thread for that, as well).

I’m curious, what kind of announcements are you looking to see?

Any information that pertains to JUST the console versions, because that’s the first thing I’ve seen about the console.

Is there a certain forum or sub-forum based around that? Also, can I track a person so it alerts me when they post?

Well, I’d assume “Gameplay Chat (PlayStation 4/Xbox One)” is the sub-forum.

I don’t know if you can track a person, I haven’t tried doing so.

I did post a list of missing and coming soon troops for console to at least give you an idea about what it coming, some sooner than others.

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