Where is the Console Update 2.2

We have heard “soon…then a little later we heard “soon”…later on the next month then the next"soon” No offense really but when are we on CONSOLE going to stop being JERKED AROUND?

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Will probably be end of this month (I’m speculating though) as there’s usualy about 2 months delay between platform updates. PC/Mobile got theirs around 16-12… Patience, my friend, patience :wink:

Expected to get new patch near end of February Sirrian said a few days ago.

Ok, I missed that part. Thanks for the reminder :wink:

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like i said me now i want to now when we get the new update system 2.2 (the date) to enjoy the game plenty , i’m getting bored to do the same thing every week (PVP or farming arcane traitstone) , i think i’m gonna wait when the new update is out when i come back to play it !!!

We are planning to submit update 2.2 to Sony and Microsoft by the end of the week. Once it’s been submitted, it will be up to Sony and Microsoft before 2.2 will be released into the wild. We cannot guarantee how long the process will take, so we will keep everyone updated once we have a more definite date.


Will we be getting events like PC soon??

I don’t recall a single Glory Troop on console that gave us extra resources for 1Week only.
Example…Sacrificial Priest was I think extra trait stones. The Pridelands Thundercat (always forget name) gave extra glory e.t.c.

@death - The 2.2 update is the event update like PC/Mobile. The event system is currently not released in the currently released 2.1.5 console version, hence why you have not seen any events like you have mentioned.

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Oh OK you mean the current events running on PC each week, yes?

I recall one off events on PC that rewarded extra resources for using the Glory troop for that week. Sacrificial Priest, Thundercat E.T.C.
Just wondering why console never got stuff like that? Troop catchup stop this from happening?

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This may be confusing, but in PC and Mobile, there is 2 different event systems. The console’s current version only has support for the Weekly Events, which has been around for eons. In PC/Mobile version 2.2, this system has been updated to support the events like specific troops giving more glory, certain troops from certain kingdoms or specific types getting stat bonuses, and other cool stuff. This will be coming soon in the next Console Update.

For further reading, I’d recommend looking at this thread. The console version should have (most, if not all, or maybe more than) these features.

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Translation: March/June.

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They plan on submitting the patch to MS/Sony by the end of the week. All goes well, we’ll get the patch by the end of next week.

hope that ms or sony submitt it quick

I think MS/Sony have much longer turnaround times than Mobile/PC. Apple is a few days, Google & Steam are instantaneous. I honestly don’t know, but my impression is that they’re much more rigorous in their testing and it takes a couple of weeks.

Hi @GoldPhoenix0. One more clarification if you don’t mind - once the 2.2 update is released, I understand that we’ll have the same event functionality as PC/Mobile, but we’ll still be a number of weeks worth of kingdom events (troops) behind. Since the 2.2 events are generally linked with the weekly event troops, how is this going to work? Will both platforms have the same 2.2 events from the get-go, or will there be a further transition period where console either doesn’t have 2.2 events, or has 2.2 events that don’t match the weekly troop release?


Hey Stan,

The new event system will be running separately from the PC/Mobile version of the game. They will still be linked with the console weekly event, so no need for worries that there will be a disconnect between the events and the weekly event.

@Studs is correct in his assumption. Microsoft and Sony do much more rigorous testing on any new versions compared to Apple, Google and Steam. This is why some features like Chat took so long to release, where the testing process takes a fair bit of time, and only once it has been complete do we get the result of if it has passed or not. Unfortunately, if there is some major issue with a feature (like chat) which fails some of their testing, it has to be fixed and then the whole process starts again. Sometimes, not every issue is found during the testing process, so it can be a lengthy process back and forth waiting a considerable amount of time before the next version can be released. All going well, the update will be out Soon™.


I’m hoping for speedy approval :slight_smile:

Hopefully, we’re past all the chat issues for good. This being the first of the smaller patches, the only major changes are to the store and to add events. As long as some new store thing doesn’t violate some obscure policy, I’m staying positive :grin:

That sounds great, though I know it means more work for you guys. Hopefully not for too long, though.

“we will be submitting it by the end of the week” I knew that was a pile of horse sh%t

Hey @WishKiller,

As mentioned in the above post, there is a bit of time between when we submit and when we get a response from Sony and Microsoft.