Little Sneak Peek for the 3.1 Console Update

I’ve been speaking to the illustrious @Nimhain this morning and I have some news for you all.

With the next update on console, 3,1 (which will be out this month! Fingers crossed!) we are hoping to implement a world file similar to PC/Mobile. With this, we should be able to make server side fixes without waiting for a major update. This will mean that the console version of the game will be able to be updated more frequently, the same way the PC/Mobile version is.

This means no more events being delayed because due to last minutes troop balance issues (allowing Consoles + PC/ Mobile to start synced up once we get there). It also means console players won’t have to wait until the next update to get any balance changes we make.

What are the limitations, you’re asking? Well, we still won’t be able to make any major changes, they will always need a client update to address. But, we will be doing server side fixes like we do PC/Mobile which will keep everything more easily balanced and running smoothly.

So, what does this mean for all of you? Quicker fixes! More updates! All the good things!


First Ricky :joy:


I was typing in other thread you lucky :stuck_out_tongue:

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Awesome news @Saltypatra glad to hear that, so that mean a bug like the 0 point for a win in GW could be fixed with these kind of fix?

probably not!

Did you ask her about her next Lair? :slight_smile:

Could you confirm that the balance are only troop ones?

@Rickygervais No, more like Famine going from 24 Mana to 22 or traits getting changed. But not new traits/effects/abilities or new content like Soleforge… all that would require a client update. As would bug fixes like 0 score GW stuff.

Now as this feature is in this next update (loading/changing data on the client from a download) Microsoft will probably be a MAJOR pain on certification (like there were for chat last year)

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Agreed a new Nimhain Lair post would be awesome. I know one was mentioned a few weeks ago, or at least that one was being worked on.

Thanks for the update great to get some information on the upcoming changes.

She has been working on a lair post, but the last fortnight has been pretty crazy for us! There will be a bit more of a wait on it.


No worry take all the time you need and deploy all your energy on the new update!

I can’t wait for that Soulforge :slight_smile:

Any chance you can provide some teaser screenshots maybe a bit more of the soulforge?

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Most likely not as we are trying to release it as early as we can. :slight_smile:


I swear I really am working on it.


Yeah but I bet you’re still diverting too much time to unnecessary selfish things like eating, sleeping, having a life…


***********Sirrian posted once a while back about being able to make more server side changes and push changes as data as a future plan. Eventually maybe even new kingdoms and troops! It depends on what ms/sony/apple consider “data” vs “executable code”. Sirrians plans are a bit of a grey area…

I’ve only a phone so I can’t search easily…

Downloading data doesn’t require a patch or certification. If graphics are moved to cached data instead of in a patch, that’s step one towards no patch new troops.
Step two is rewriting the trait and power code more generically so that is handled as data instead of new executable code.
For example, ally knights gain two life at start of match. A generic rewrite would be:
(Enemy or ally) ( all or race or kingdom) (gain or lose) (X points) ( from stat Y)
As data, ally knight gain 2 life
Then add a how often clause; start of match, on enemy death, every turn.
You can create a huge amount of new traits or powers with just data changes. Hopefully. Eventually.
But this is really exciting, honest!

May 21. He was responding to my question cornering this, I’m VERY happy its going through this month!

Can you also give us a peek at how many souls we would need to craft troops, weapons and the like? Because I will be MORE than happy to farm souls to Tartarus and back. I have no issue with that kind of grinding. I DO have Pharos-Ra, afer all, so… yeah, pretty set on souls.

Console is Coming!