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Console catching up to PC/Mobile?

I have heard chatter all over facebook about in September that Console will be catching up to PC/Mobile and that Us, the Console users will have things that PC/Mobile gets?..is this true or a mean NASTY rumor?

It is true. The dev team for the console versions has switched from Pipeworks to Infinity Plus 2. Infinity Plus 2 is the company that runs the PC/Mobile version of Gems of War, so now they run all versions.

A major update should be coming early September and consoles should be about 100% caught up by December or January.

Note that this does not mean that Console and PC/Mobile will be compatible. The developers have explicitly stated that they will not support cross-device play between the Console and PC/Mobile platforms, partly due to legal requirements of Sony and Microsoft.


The post you’re after is here.


lol @ everyone who said this will never happen <^> :smiley:

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No one said nor inferred that

Good; I was just clarifying the state of the world in case people got their hopes up.

I don’t think people were saying it would never catch up - the issue was that there seemed to be no progress being made and consoles were falling further behind. This appears to be a change in strategy - compared to what had been previously suggested anyway.

It will be great to catch up; mainly for the interesting characters but also to allow us to star kingdoms. I wonder how many troops will be released each week on PC from September to December.