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Console 1.096 Mini-Update Released

As per the news yesterday, Infinity Plus Two is taking control of the console version of Gems of War. Today we have a new mini-patch for you, 1.096, which has been a collaboration between Pipeworks and ourselves to release. We’d like to thank Pipeworks for this patch, as they’ve fixed a whole number of bugs and have left the game in a good state for us to take over.

This update is mainly bug fixes, with a few minor additions. Our 2.0 patch development is our next priority. Here are the patch notes for 1.096. Please note that there are also some bugs that were fixed that are not on this list.

  • Silence is no longer draining all mana.
  • Fixed issues with difficulty settings in Arena.
  • Treasure hunt reward screen now doesn’t automatically disappear.
  • Fixed bug where in arena the opponent’s hero is always the same as the players.
  • Fixed mana surges are occasionally giving 4x mana, instead of 2x.
  • Fixed bug in Arena, where troops were still getting the stat bonuses for ascension.
  • Fixed bug when we upgrading a troop, the main troop list resets to the top.
  • Fixed bug with guild mana bonuses were not being applied initially.
  • Fixed bug with weapons in the weapon list are not showing your hero class magic bonus.
  • Fixed crash with Arena mode if you look at the rewards screen immediately prior to looking for a game.
  • Fixed issue where team bonuses were applying to non-unique troops
  • Fixed issue with stats when selecting arena characters not being accurate
  • Fixed issue with troops killed via Burn not awarding souls
  • Fixed issue with incorrect masteries being shown when levelling up in Arena
  • Fixed issue with Hero Character not appearing when targeting with spells.
  • Fixed issue with Hunger trait on Great Maw devouring multiple troops.
  • Fixed issue with once-only spells being cast multiple times.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when connection error occurs after battle
  • Stealth trait is now working properly
  • Dust Devil ability is now working correctly.
  • Fixed some text values that were misplaced in the shop.

Other changes:

  • Added Hero Class title to the map in the Hero area.
  • Glory is now displayed as a currency on the map screen.

Andrew, they put you on console too? xD

Haven’t seen you around for ages publicly.

Excellent news all around!

Time to try and force these (and new) bugs to appear :wink:

Thanks for posting this!

As an FYI to other console players:
Treasure Hunt Chest and Vault rewards are fixed (improved)

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Everything looks good. Great improvements. Maybe this will get people to rethink 3x Maw decks. Keep up the great work!:sunglasses:

I can say maw teams on PC were/are significantly lower after the same update. There are new problem teams, but there always will be.

Maw’s third Trait still Devours, we had a bug where you can field 4 Maws and each could cast once. THAT’S what was fixed.

Ohhh yeah that needs to be fixed, lol. I was not fortunate enough to get maw on console, did on pc though. I spent around $30 on gems trying to get that sucker! lol Now though after the update on pc, I don’t use him. (even though I think he’s still a good troop)

Just beat this team today. (4) Mythic level 20 triple traited Great Maw’s. Swapped out my usual invade team to Maw myself and mopped em up… carefully

An artist’s rendition of your struggle:


It is possible to have in the map screen earned souls too?

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this bug not fixed [PS4]

troops----press triangle from filters----- choοse upgradeable from order ----see cards----press R1 and … crash

my english is not good,sorry.

So many bug fixes, time to see what is still broken and how good the fixes are.

@Andrew Should this be in the “Official News” category? Seems like a number of people aren’t seeing this thread…

We’ve fixed that.

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It is possible to have in the map screen earned souls too?