New Kingdom - Merlantis


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New Kingdom: Merlantis

Join Lil’ Johnny Bronze under the sea, and meet the fine folks of Merlantis.

Collect 7 new troops including: the Giant Crab, the Hippocampus, the Kuotani, the Merlion, and the Lamprey; along with siren of the seas, Azura and the great serpent, Leviathan!

Please note this release only applies to Steam, iOS and Android versions of the game.

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Why not on console?


Troops not showing under “Unowned” filter yet, nor is “Merlantis” searchable.

I don’t think these are in chests yet.


They are in chests I got a couple from gold keys but have the same problem with not being able to see them in troops menu

I can’t even see them when I sort by level and scroll to the bottom


They are in chest, I just got a hippocantus or what his name is from a 50 gold key go.
EDIT: I see hes not in my collection now even if I got one…


We’re currently looking into the troops being in chests.


For once something could be tested before release… :confused: another day, another failure :confused:


sometimes bug happens after something is released, so it can be hard to detect beforehand.


Believe me I know thing or two about testing. Things like this shouldn’t happen, but with this game it happens more and more… Which is sad. Once it was good game… After recent few months not so much.


Why the Hell don’t We on the console have this yet??

I thought the plan was kingdoms releasing everywhere at once?


Yay. Been waiting for this all day!


Not showing up in the filter Kingdom. Have restarted twice. I have cards from the kingdom that I pulled from the chests.


And they didn’t get saved into my troops :frowning: At least I only did 200 gold chests.


Any troops you got from chests will still be there once any issues are fixed.


Yay, my seahorse will be there then. :wink:


Thanks OZ!!


I’m pretty excited about this new kingdom. Can’t wait until consoles get it.


We have a fix coming, just getting it on the servers now.


Hey @Ozball, What bout Merlantis on console?