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Console devs, lets talk tasks

I’m all for that too. But why stop at gold? Why not use any surplus of currency we have to pay the fee necessary to change that unpleasant task? Afterwards, once the new task is complete, its done for the day. They could do something like that. They could also make it more expensive if you wish to do another task in that same slot. lol, just make it more expensive each time for the day. Let the player decide how much they’re willing to continue.

I wouldnt mind a gold fee to get a new task, but ATLEAST let us continue, alot of 'small tasks are alot better than just a daily set of big tasks hands down. Ill never understand how devs cant see that… or refuse to.

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They’re fully aware that a lot of small tasks are better than a single set of daily tasks. That’s why they changed it in the first place. In this very thread:

In fact, now that I look at it, you even replied to that post. Hard to understand why you don’t understand that the devs understand.

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I think I said this a couple months ago, but you might just need to let this go. Thousands and thousands of people enjoy this game on PC/Mobile with no task system at all, and thousands more play it on console with the existing system. The devs did a pretty significant overhaul after the last big change and they seem happy with where it is at.

While I think there could be some tinkering around the rewards and mechanics of it, the system overall is fine for what it is. You say that you can’t use your teams, or don’t play at all because of the task system and don’t care about the rewards, yet you are here every day complaining. Just play the game. If it isn’t fun, stop.


Then you should properly read my answer to that post.

What I want to know, and they probably can’t answer honestly, is if the tasks on console effect drop-rates? Since I play on pc and console, I can honestly say I feel the drop-rates on pc are so much better. This could be confirmation bias, followed by the sheer number of troops on pc, but still. I think since these console tasks give you extra keys and gems, etc., they have to effect the numbers somehow. Confirm/deny devs? If it effects those things in any way, i’d rather see them removed, and pc never get them. Yeah I have power over those things.(Joking of course)

That’s not a very convincing argument. Or an argument at all, really. How was he wrong? What was he wrong about? You don’t seem to care about the economic consequences of the system at all. You just want something to tell you what to do next, a task to chase. And that’s not necessarily bad. I can see how it would keep you engaged. I’m not sure how many people would be well served by short, easy tasks with low rewards. They’d probably just complain that it’s not worth doing.

Most people are capable of setting their own goals, and there are a variety of activities to participate in the game that allow them to progress towards them. In fact, it seems like having tasks that tell you what to do all the time has discouraged some console players from setting their own goals, or understanding what they can do to achieve them.


The task system was always a straight-up addition to the game, and did not impact drop rates.

The original focus of the task system (which I proposed and designed, so let’s please take my word here seriously) was to help get resources to early players, while exposing them to game systems. I knew that the tasks didn’t scale well for high-end players, but the plan was to address that in the future.

Unfortunately, the way the task system was set up high-end players would do HUNDREDS of tasks a day, which allowed them to totally blow the resource curve out of the water. So the task system was adjusted to close this unintended use case. The current task system still helps new players with goals & resources, but we scale the resource rewards up much faster, while keeping the maximum number of possible tasks per day low.


I completely agree with the way the tasks are handled. You never want to give out too much. For the most part the devs have been very transparent in all things (as much as possible) and I do appreciate your honesty @Mr.Strange.

Edit: I skipped right over the part about drop-rates, lol. Oopsy poo.

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Hundreds of tasks a day? We are talking about 5-20 people here… hardly earth shattering.

Anyhow, I am one of the many who ignore them so dont care what happens with them one way or another . Nice being able to hide them though

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@Mr.Strange is right about scaling. Tasks suck, for high levels

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Good job picking a single sentence from my answer, im done talking to you, besides i was talking about the argument of playing players having an edge on less/non playing players which was wrong since guildsitting gave alot more rewards (which actually is slighly fixed now with reward limitations after 2 days). It just was a faulty argument to use against the thought of it being a good thing playing people were rewarded.
But god forbid someone has criticism and points out grounds for improvement!

I know we went over this butting heads before mate but can you please reconsider this stance and look at it from the perspective that it is actually fun to do tasks? You as the dev can decide on the rewards so why should rewards be high and tasks be low and not the other way around so people can atleast enjoy the fun that tasks bring. Please consider making tasks simple as they were, constantly refreshing, with minimal rewards. Then high end players wont feel like doing them since their guildincome and pvpsessions, vip status, god knows what more gives them more than playing with a full beast card team or something will, new players have a better jump in start aswell and us middle tier players see a broader color spectrum again perhaps even leading to new deck ideas because thats how i got the idea to make my blue concentrated deck after i had to use a same gemcolor once. Also for instance back then the rare chance that id get 3 “increase a card to lvl 10” tasks in a row was the only way i could actually level up some cards properly, i didnt even know i could use a “soul farm” deck (of which there only is one even… which is “meta” to speak in technical terms and i might speak for myself here firstly (i know some people agree with me) but playing meta isnt the fun way to play games like these, original deck creation and theorizing is the strenght of games like these.

In case you were not aware, @Mr.Strange is no longer involved in the development of Gems of War as Infinite has taken development in-house. He couldn’t change things if he wanted to. Your comments are better directed toward @Alpheon. That being said, I think it unlikely you’ll see a reversal here.

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[quote=“wskill, post:333, topic:7155, full:true”]Also for instance back then the rare chance that id get 3 “increase a card to lvl 10” tasks in a row was the only way i could actually level up some cards properly, i didnt even know i could use a “soul farm” deck

What I hear is this:

“I didn’t understand how souls worked, because the soul rewards from the old task system were so generous that I didn’t need to.”



Let me translate it for you to this: “This game invites to make your own decks, i do not search online to use other people’s decks and therefore didnt know there was a soul farm meta going on, also i dont like to play the same deck for longer than two matches in a row which includes soul farming decks”

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Well those who fit the shoe can take my plea to heart then. Didnt know that.

Here are my thoughts regarding the task system, as a PC/mobile player (that is looking forward to getting the daily personal tasks):

Some of the console players want to be able to do as many tasks in a day as possible, and are very vocal about it. The devs want to constrain the upper limits on income, to reduce income disparity. The old system allowed for the upper end of players to get nearly unlimited rewards, while the new system enforces a cap but allows for the “stonewall” tasks to get fixed.

Perhaps a compromise is possible: have a slot that resets daily and has a very small objective: open a gold chest, win a PvP invade, level a troop, etc. This task slot can be completed an unlimited number of times, but only offers a reward for the first [insert arbitrary number here] task(s) completed each day.

This would allow the sense of accomplishment that comes with refreshing a task while still keeping with the objective of limiting exponential growth for the high-income players.


At risk of this getting buried, I have a proposed solution for changing tasks that I think both the community and devs could get on board with.

The main complaints with tasks currently are that you’re limited to 4, the rewards are bad, and several of them aren’t fun (for instance, playing 15 matches with 3 construct troops).

The main concerns the devs had with the old system was that a minority of top players were doing “hundreds” of tasks per day and that the rewards were originally geared for new players so an experienced player taking advantage of that would be getting disproportionate rewards compared to what they should be.

My solution is:

Have 5 task slots. The last one is a weekly task that only resets after the PVP reset, so you have a whole week to work on it. This would be a long term task with a significantly better reward.

The other 4 task slots would have tasks that follow the old system of tasks where, once you complete them, instead of saying “completed” and waiting until the next day, it will immediately refresh to a new task. The catch here is that you can only complete up to 10 tasks per day. So, once you complete your 7th task, it will start to show “completed” like it currently does for that task slot, and will do so for the remaining 3 tasks until you complete them all. This is a middle ground between the dev’s position that people are abusing the system by doing hundreds of tasks per day and the current position where we can only do 4.

I would also allow you to pay gold to “refresh” a task slot. For instance, if you get a task you don’t like, you could pay 1000 gold to refresh the task to something different. If the devs want to prevent people from just doing all the easy tasks they could limit the number of refreshes to 5 or something, or just increase the amount of gold it costs to refresh tasks for each refresh to discourage doing that.

As for the tasks themselves, the rewards and requirements need to be revisited. This needs to be addressed on a case by case basis, but there are clearly tasks that are far, far better/worse than others. Perhaps the devs can take data from which tasks are regularly refreshed, and change the rewards/requirements for those ones to make them more viable. Bottom line, I had a task for 8 matches with Khetar troops for 2000 gold. This is an example of a laughable reward. Using 3 constructs in 15 different matches is not worth 10 gems, IMO. What’s “worth” it or not is of course going to be variable depending on the person, which is why I recommend the devs take data regarding who refreshes what task the most in order to make changes, if they allow for task refreshing.

These changes address many of the concerns that players have with the new task system changes while still addressing all of the concerns the devs have about people abusing the system.


Please just eliminate tasks. It’s not worth the constant dev harassment. No need to thank those responsible, we already know who they are.