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2.1 Guild Tasks Nerf and Replacement

I don’t know about everyone else but I fully expect there will be a significant nerf to Guild Tasks in 2.1. They’re so ludicrously rewarding for the top guilds that it seems unavoidable and, frankly, perfectly reasonable. I’m not even sure how they’ve been allowed to persist as long as they have.

I assume, being the smart team that they are, that they’ll give us something different so it’s an apples-to-oranges comparison. “It’s not worse, it’s different!” I assume it will need to be a Gold sync that gives other really compelling rewards (including some reduced but continued influx of Gems and Glory Keys so the pitchforks don’t get too out of control), but I’m honestly not sure what that might look like.

So that got me to thinking: If the sky is the limit, what would others like to see replace the current Tasks system?


I myself would like to see this thread deleted and we can pretend you didnt even suggest such a horrid idea :grin:


Hahaha! You’re free to choose the ostrich method of coping if you’d like, but I’d rather face facts and offer solutions that will make us happy :grin:

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so you are saying you are not happy because you get too much resources for free/too easily?i sir am flabbergasted at such a viewpoint :confused:

I think you need to re-read. I’m saying I’m a pragmatist and I’d rather be a part of the solution than a bystander.

You’re diving into 2nd biggest advantage console would have over PC after having a few months to stockpile troops.

Solution meaning you feel there is a problem no?i for one dont and if the devs did and it was hurting them too much they wouldve been changed a long time ago no?

Mobile had a year head start to stockpile before console so I don’t think that matters much. And presumably whatever new system comes along would bring stuff exclusive to mobile.

Again, I’m curious about solutions we can live with, not reasons why we don’t want them to nerf tasks.

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I honestly don’t need to be targeted for being a high-level personally and Guild-wise.

High-level Console players already got hit with targeted, attempted “nerfing”, now high-level Guilds are a problem?


For a perceived problem that far as i can tell only you seem to think exists.As i don’t understand this thread i’ll slink back into the shadows and watch from afar. later gents :slight_smile:

High level guilds get insane amounts of resources from tasks. I don’t think anyone in one of these guilds would argue otherwise. Of course it’s not a problem with players; it’s a problem with the economy.

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Everything high-level Guilds have earned has been purely by Contributing millions of Gold.

If lower-leveled players want to “bridge the gap”, then Contribute more. If they can’t/won’t, then too bad for them.


While it’s too early to discuss exact details about the 2.1 Guild update, I can give some generalizations about what we’ll be looking to do.

  • Guild Tasks will neither be nerfed NOR left untouched. The whole Guild Task system will be replaced with something that works differently. The current system is simply not healthy for the game… it was built in a time where the economy was quite different, and Gold was more scarce. There is a massive amount of extra Gold available to players now, and larger more-organized guilds have quite intelligently taken advantage of that to the benefit of their members. Our aim is still to give you all lots and lots of cool stuff, AND to reward the most organized guilds and dedicated players (without punishing newer or more casual players), and we have a plan! Will you get less Gems and Glory Keys than currently? Yep. Will you get lots of other cool stuff instead? Definitely!

  • More ways to interact meaningfully with guildmates.

  • More exciting bonuses than the current Masteries.

  • Some collectibles that you can only get via the Guild.


so nerfed indirectly by there being more tasks thus less gem and keys tasks can be done for the same amount of gold?

Soooo… I’m right! :wink:


Of course you are right. GoW is old enough now to reach the stage where the older players are driven away to make room for new players.

People download GoW, see level 500+ players with level 20, fully-Traited teams and either quit or complain they can’t compete.


Not really. We could do that, but I feel it’d be a little cheap and nasty. I’d prefer to make a much bigger overhaul to the system.


Absolutely NOT what we’d ever want to do!
We’re trying to build a bunch of stuff into 2.1 that should be really exciting, especially for long-time players.
Lots of you folks here are the reason the game has been so successful… we wouldn’t ever want to throw you under a bus like that!



You should know that high-level Guilds will not do the Souls or Maps Tasks. We leave those alone and let the 3rd slot rotate between Tokens/Glory Keys/Gems.

Yep - We have all the data, so we know exactly what is being done, and how much gold is being pumped into the system!