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CONSOLE: Swamp Thing

Originally published at: http://gemsofwar.com/console-swamp-thing/
There’s trouble in the Mist of Scales!

New Troop: Marsh Raptor

The marshes of the Mist of Scales are a dangerous place at the best of times; fortunately there’s not much reason to travel through them, unless you like large hungry serpents, poisonous gas, OR large hungry serpents that BREATHE poisonous gas… Until now that is.

Recent reports indicate sightings of Marsh Raptors, large flightless lizard-birds long thought extinct, and much prized for their beautiful plumage.

Groups of merchants and hunters have been setting forth in ships from the ports of Adana, looking to land on the Mist of Scales’ coast, and return with Raptor feathers, but few have returned. Now’s your chance for glory! Get your own Marsh Raptor this week!

Please note this Event only applies to PS4 and Xbox One versions of the game.

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Unfortunately, when an UR is an event troop nobody is excited. It’s simply not worth the purchase at 300 glory. If you halved the other rewards like is done with arcane stones, and made the price 200 glory, I’d be all over it, however.

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I think they just need to make it like pc. I’m wondering why on pc you get 5,000 gold per glory pack, but on console it’s 2,500? The side tasks? I feel like penalizing people for a task system that is optional and people MIGHT do, isn’t really great if that’s the case.


Hasn’t Mr. strange said that the task system was a complete bonus and that the other rewards were not balanced around it?

Perhaps I’m wrong but I remember reading a quote from him that said something along those lines.

Yeah he was talking about drop rates, not other rewards. If anyone else can think of any reason why these rewards are different, I’m all eyes. Copy-pasta

So basically he’s saying, and he can correct me if wrong, is that high-end players hoarded so many resources that they blew everyone else out of the water. Which explains low drop-rates(even though he said no) and lower materials than pc. I’m willing to bet these people have lost most of those resources or they’ve already left the game. I never do tasks, they’re optional, so I don’t think I should get less gold in glory packs just because I opt out of tasks. This goes into my whole argument that tasks should just be removed from consoles. Maybe then the economies on console and pc would be the same. Or at least make them just as good on console. Since I know the devs said they want to bring side tasks to pc.

I would imagine trying to balance something that people may or may not do is quite difficult. You have to make the side-tasks give so little rewards as not to penalize the people that don’t do tasks at all. It almost makes tasks not even worth it to begin with. Which has been several people’s argument already.

I could be wrong, and tasks have nothing to do with it. Could just be a difference in versions that hasn’t been updated yet. I’m only asking WHY THOUGH?

I doubt I will even purchase 1 copy at 300 glory. I have resorted to unlocking those low rarity troops via 1-2 event keys.

Apart from the above gold discrepancy I am pretty sure the glory key drops need a good looking at. With the Mythics coming soon people will be using a lot of keys and it would be appropriate to check the issue before then.

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Another week of saving glory it is.

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difference between the console an pc version grows every day. it’s like playing a different game.
thanks devs.

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Remember - it’s all part of the plan! Console is in no way “falling behind” - that’s just a perception problem, because the current troop introduction rate is lower than it is on PC/mobile.

It’s like walking behind someone at the airport - you’re walking faster, so you feel like you’re catching up to them. Then they step onto the moving walkway and suddenly they’re peeling ahead! But that’s an illusion - as soon as YOU step onto the walkway you’ll be catching up again, and once they step off you’ll catch up even with them.

Console is at the moment RIGHT BEFORE y’all step onto that moving walkway. Be be assured, we made a plan more than a year ago to schedule out troops & kingdom releases to bring everything up to parity right around the end of 2016.


I know you don’t work on the game anymore I think, but can you please at the very least explain why there is a difference in the amount of gold in glory packs?


That is a terrible analogy for the plan and in no way refers to what is happening. The analogy suggests that the person in front will get off the escalator and you catch up predominantly during that period. The reality is that PC is staying at the same pace they always have been and console is getting a very specific, alternative and temporary schedule that is independent of whatever the plan was for the previous year.

Here’s my analogy on the situation: You know when you’re behind people on your way to get on your plane in the airport and you suddenly have to run to the bathroom to take a huge dumper, then come out to find the plane has already left? Yeah I’d say that’s where console players are at right now.

Much love,
Lord Wolfington the 3rd


Post of the month. All hail the cat


Originally we were the same. Infinity tried increasing the gold on their side, and stuck with it. We never did the increase on our side, because gold was much more plentiful. (Tasks, we never charged for battles, etc.) The economies should be fully merged in a few months - eliminating the basis for any of those small discrepancies.

The PC used to release a new troop every other week. After a year they increased that to one troop a week. Then they began flirting with 2 troops some weeks - the standard is now 2 troops a week.

Console began releasing 1 troop a week from the start - introducing troops at twice the rate the PC did for their first year. That didn’t seem like an increase, because the PC was already at that point. But it absolutely was. New kingdoms have released on PC with an average gap of about 2.5 months - console got a new kingdom every month.

PC is speeding up, console is speeding up. But console has been (and continues to) speed up faster, and to a greater final velocity.

I think it’s really interesting that every time I try to reassure people that we made a solid plan, and that things are on-track, people try to claim that the developers don’t understand. Which seems rather counter-intuitive to me.


Not true, we used to have to pay 50 Gold per fight and half the reward for PvP just to start a battle

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My mistake - I thought we’d missed the “50 gold per fight” economy entirely. We must have changed that very quickly though - compared to PC/mobile that had the system in place for a year.

I’m glad that was decided to be removed. I used to have enough gold to do a few battles a day, then log-off and wait for my daily tribute again, lol. Early early days. In my Gow beginning.


We have gotten to where we are faster than PC got to this point… that is the walking faster bit. They had, and still have, an escalated period where we were falling behind in net troops/content weekly and our escalated period is to drop everything we are missing in one short last minute period. It doesn’t seem like it required much planning.

The airport analogy made it appear like PC would eventually end their period with increased releases and console would get on a slightly faster and longer one. The result being a steady catch up.

Console gets vip keys, pc mobile glory keys.