Consensus = Cheaters gonna cheat, trolls gonna troll (I give up)


Every week at least one player gets banned for cheating.
And if I’m so boring then why do you read everything I post? I appreciate you being a loyal reader and all. But I’m not here for your criticism… No one is. But congratulations on feeling like that’s your purpose on the forums.


My real premise is I already assume the devs look over the leaderboards. The math I did isn’t very complex, and any of these factors should raise a flag:

  • “Total matches played * 45 seconds exceeds 128 hours” (People who play every waking hour and sleep less than 8 hours)
  • “Average PvP points per win > 62”, it seems like 62-65 is the upper threshold for PvP points.
  • I can’t bring myself to name a win ratio that “looks suspcious”. For obvious reasons, I can’t get anyone who frequently hits the leaderboard to divulge their team/strategies. So I can’t confirm for myself if a win % in the 90s seems feasible.
    • But all of the top 10 are doing it, and much of the top 50 have a >90% rate as well, so if cheating were THAT widespread I think the devs would know.

I don’t assert there is no cheating going on. But nobody on the current leaderboard, at least in the top 10, has numbers that make me suspicious they’re anything but a person who values “spending time on a video game” more than just about any other activity.

I don’t assert no investigation of cheaters should be done. But it’s really strange to demand some people always be investigated on a day when there’s no evidence anything is afoot. Once a week.

You’ve got a lot of power and influence as one of the game’s community leaders. Stuff like this is bad for the community unless you have actual proof. When you cry “cheater” even if there is no cheating going on, you make people suspicious.

You know what’d be more effective at stopping cheaters? A very public run, preferably streamed, where a player like awryan devotes a week to chasing the leaderboard. The scandal, everyone would see the team. The scandal, everyone would see the strategies. The outcome: next week’s leaderboard would have a lot of new people behaving at the leaderboard level. The people above that mark on that week would stick out. What’d be different about them? It’d certainly look more suspicious.

But we’ve already wasted at least 2 hours of valuable PvP time on this thread. By my calculations, that’s 90 PvP matches worth up to 5,580 points that the #1 player has and you don’t. You don’t win by being 5k points behind.


Dude you sound like a jealous person bec they are better at the game than you. So what you want us to report every player that’s better than you?


Dude… People cheat in GoW. Not everyone cheats in GoW.
Let’s do some qualifiers for thoughts moving forward.

  • Have you ever made #1 in pvp?
  • Do you plan on ever reaching #1 in PvP?
    If answer to both questions is no then you really don’t have a horse in the race.
    You don’t care about those who cheat. The leaderboards could… Or could not… Need some cleaning up. That’s the devs job to look into.

Back to my original suggestion before the eighty attempts to derail.

Top 5 in Ranked PvP get checked out by the devs weekly.

What’s the counter argument here? Don’t check players out to make sure they’re not cheating?! 🤷
This shouldn’t even be a debate… I’m astounded by the out cry of “hey we’re cool with cheaters potentially prospering”.

I’ve noticed lately that some pictures are attached to waste of thoughts and time. I’m gonna do @Lyya a favor and just avoid reading the thoughts of these folks moving forward.

If the individual @me or reply to a comment/thread of mine and don’t hear back. It’s because based on an obnoxious amount of evidence. I can be 99% sure that whatever the individual is saying… I’m sure I’m not missing anything by skipping what they say.


ok valid but, like I said let’s not automatically assume they are cheating. Also wouldn’t you prefer the devs work on other things not wasting their time checking if someone is cheating or not, bec what if they weren’t then the devs just wasted valuable time checking


Das glaube ich nicht wenn das so wäre hätten wir schon etwas mitbekommen und das du solche antworten von uns bekommst selbst schuld ,man sollte sich selbst an die nase fassen !!!


Ich stimme vollkommen zu


I cant wait for this to be implemented and for you to obtain rank 1-5 just so you end up hackusating yourself.


Perhaps the devs are looking at the top 5 players weekly, as you are suggesting, and finding no actionable evidence of cheating. If this is the case, the result would be no action, which is the behavior you observe.


Even if they start now, and nothing changes would him or others believe the devs did the best they could? Would it be enough?

Doesn’t seems like a winnable situation…


nope there would always be someone who says oh the devs need to do better


I don’t have a counter-argument to checking the top 5. Like I said, I assume it’s already being done.

I have a counter-argument to complaining every week that the leaderboards are full of cheaters, with the implication that you’re trying really hard to place but just can’t because of all the cheaters.

If this is your opinion about who gets to complain about the leaderboards:

Perhaps you need to ask your guild what they do to so consistently make the leaderboards, then come back better-armed. I’m casually glancing at the top 25 or so and moving through the weeks, and it’s really rare that any one person stays in that area for more than about 3 weeks. When I started looking for you, I found a lot of your guildmates do happen to make the top 100. This isn’t suspicious: you run a competitive guild. Some of them frequent the leaderboards. I’d start forming a conspiracy theory of my own, but I’d have to write a tool to scrape and parse Taran’s World because my 5-minute attempts didn’t make it cough up its JSON. I’m not that motivated.

Anyway, there are people in A W RYAN that are making the leaderboards. You aren’t one.

If they are asking you to complain about cheating, I’d love to hear their case. Since they’re actually pursuing the leaderboard, I think they’ll have a lot of insight. As is, you aren’t on the leaderboard and you’re asking people who don’t chase it to stop talking. So… *shrugs and gestures*.


Well saidn:)


That’s why i can’t see a tangible change unless there is a proper rework in the system. If we regard every player in the leaderboard as a legit player, because they deserve to be treated like this until something presents evidence of the contrary, then we must assume that some practices not forbidden (but also not entirely fair in the competitive spirit sense), like account sharing are being used and generating a negative impact directly and indirectly in the players.

The devs should consider some course of action, changing the system i believe, not making an inquisition/witchhunting against the top players to sooth the ego of some players momentarily.


I think they are reworking pvp but, I’m not sure


And perhaps they aren’t. How would one suggest that they do check out the top 5 every week without making 5 tickets and submitting them each week if there’s 5 different folks each week?

Perhaps a request on the forums for them to check at their convenience would be the best option.

It’s not the same folks every week that is in the top 5.


Perhaps you’re jealous that they can get rank 1 and you cannot.
Or perhaps you’re not.
We can keep this up, or you can just play the game instead of wasting time.


Exactly :slight_smile:


Or perhaps I have gotten Rank 1 before… Without Cheating. But I just know what I’m talking about… Silly me.
It’s better to assume stuff on the forums. And ignore the possibility that players are cheating on the leaderboards weekly.


Exactly. :grinning: