Consensus = Cheaters gonna cheat, trolls gonna troll (I give up)


I also request we do an investigation on guilds that reach rank 15 in a year and a half :joy:


I agree. Or get 70k trophies in a week.
I think everyone should be checked out. Unfortunately, the devs don’t have that kind of staffing to do so.


I’m just pulling your leg ryan :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Perhaps we should assume that you got rank 1 by cheating, especially considering everything in the forum is about assuming something we know nothing about.
Do you know what you’re talking about?
I mean, just because you got it once or twice, doesn’t mean you know everything.
And I’m not ignoring the possibility that people are cheating in the leaderboard, there’s bound to be at least 1 somewhere. I’m just pointing out that somebody doing well, and somebody cheating, is a 1 way association. Yes cheaters do well (Cheating implies doing well) but, doing well does not mean
they’re definitively cheating.
Doing well DOES NOT imply cheating.


I really don’t get everyone piling on the hate train for the OP. awryan never said that “I assume all of those in the top 5 are cheating”, nor did they imply that at all. For some reason, however, 2/3rds of the comments here are assuming exactly that.

Full disclosure, I haven’t ever tried to hit #1 PvP. In fact, I only recently ever made my first couple attempts at even trying to get top 1000. I’ve been on top 100 a couple times, highest reaching 20, and highest finish was 29th.

But I think I understand what awryan is getting at: suppose I was pushing for that #1 spot, and I get #3 one week. I think about how I spent every free moment I had grinding as much as I could, and still couldn’t reach the top. I would want to know, did I get legitimately beat by someone who worked even harder than me (in which case, kudos) or did I get cheated out of that spot?

And to those saying something about “someone is just better than you”, you obviously aren’t at the top tier yet. Right now, it’s not about being better. It’s about grinding. Winning quickly with a 95% win rate is easy (especially with Infernus and other Divine/mythic friends). There’s a little skill, but not much.


Additionally, it is important to note in one of the recent dev streams, they talked about how they plan to redesign the PvP mode somehow, but they haven’t figured out what yet (I assume that means “it’s still a long ways off”). They don’t like how currently going from Rank 30k to rank 20k doesn’t feel rewarding at all.


I didin’t read anything in this thread.

I will just say CHEATERS!!!
If you think im talking about you that must be the case :stuck_out_tongue:



I’ll help you! It is feasible to get high win rates like that.

Trick #1: Use Infernus. As amazing as Ubastet is, Infernus is the real engine right now. Obviously Ubastet helps too, but I get that high without him.
Trick #2: Gets lots of bonus stats, Kingdoms all at level 5 and above (most of mine are levels 8 and 9), be in a guild that completes the Tasks on Monday, and bonuses from pets add up fast!

Trick #3: Obviously full levels and traits on your troops. (perhaps that should’ve been #1?)
Trick #4: Synergy amongst your troops. Here’s a team I was using that is NOT an Uba team, but was fun, and I was on Top 100 a couple times with it when I wanted to put in the effort. (Hero was Bard to get the Yellow bonus)
Trick #5: Practice. Learning when to cast and when to wait and which colors to prioritize and such matters a bit as well.
Team #6: Be prepared for the meta. My team has answers to Uba (AI loves to cast Uba straight into barriers, but also Divinia puts life total out of reach if I haven’t been hit by another spell like Divine Protector first), and answers to mana drain (Divinia is immune and all the explosions refill super fast). Nothing else really poses a threat.

With that, 95-96% winrate is fairly straightforward. Of course, I imagine a lot of the top 5 and such are going with Uba (who is probably a little faster and might get a slightly higher winrate, particularly in the mirror match). Hope that helps!


He complains constantly about cheaters, how the A.I cascades are suspiciously affecting him but not some other player with 500+ win streaks, making some insidious comments borderline “call outs” and such… Some of us are really tired of this, personally i think he needs help.


I skipped it all too. It’s the same few weekly on ps4.

Some players have more time then others. That simple.

Haters gonna hate!


The assumptions came up mostly in context and have a personal tilt. Saying a lot of words about that makes it worse. OP has gone so far as to assert the RNG is specifically tuned to hurt his gameplay. It makes it harder to take legit statements seriously.

The jist is no one denies there are cheaters, but we don’t see very obvious evidence of them so it’s not high on most peoples’ concerns. Most people don’t automatically assume if they lose a leaderboard chase there must be cheating involved. Most people don’t have a high opinion of people who do think that, because it means legit, honest players get a lot of fingers pointed at them. It feels really cruddy to put a lot of work into a leaderboard chase just to have someone who doesn’t even know you call you a cheater.

It’s exacerbated because PvP leaderboard players are highly motivated to NOT post in their own defense:

  • If they share how they get to the top, the competition gets harder for them.
  • Spending just 10 minutes on a forum post could cost them more than 600 PvP points.

So the leaderboard players are mysterious and we never really get to talk to them.


Yeah, somehow I’ve not ever seen awryan’s posts about cheating before so I was unaware of the backstory.

Still, for me, I wouldn’t “feel” anything if someone suspected me of cheating. And in fact, it would make me more in favor of automated checks, to back up that I had earned what I’d earned. To me it’s like bartenders routinely asking for ID (back when I was younger than I am now). There’s no accusation behind it, it’s just due diligence.


And congratulations to you for having been made been made the sole decision maker on what constitutes cheating and what does not. Your robes are waiting in your closet, Your Honor. :roll_eyes:


To me, I’m just confused as to what the call to action really is. The devs have limited time and tools at their disposal, so they need to be smart about who to audit. My guess is that they do so via red flags or risk factors, where players who are bell-curve outliers get investigated the most carefully. Whatever the metrics are, it would be a colossal failure of the algorithm if those at the top of the leaderboards were not included. Thus, it is likely that either the devs are already routinely investigating these players, or that so limited time is available that even they cannot be investigated. In the former case, the ask is (silently) answered. In the latter case, there’s something fundamentally flawed, or common sense has gone out the window.

In neither case would I ever expect a response, so a cynic might be forgiven for believing this to be a case of stirring the pot for its own sake.


Not the later - you can’t run a competitive social system without preventing what undermines the very values of the game in competition and strategy (disruptive behavior).

To answer your original question @awryan It’s been said before that we have other methods to investigate and monitor cheating. We cannot disclose details as they could used by cheaters to continue avoiding what we’re doing proactively to stop them. We do not rely solely on player reports. Player reports are, however, a good way to validate any existing concerns we have over players cheating in the game, and therefore we constantly welcome and accept these as another primary source of information or lead.


How to make Lyya look like a fool in two easy steps:


This thread was getting a bit saucy so I felt like I had to say something! :hot_pepper:


Thanks for chiming in @Cyrup.

As she mentioned earlier, we do investigate silently very frequently. Our system has a way of detecting players that are hacking, and once they have been flagged our team will go in and investigate the player further. We go through a rigorous, in depth process to determine whether hacking has occurred and if so, ban the offending player.

Threads like this serve no purpose, as we have stated our process and steps and process often and at length in the past. Calling out the developers like has been done above will make no difference to the way we already regularly investigate players that are potentially cheating.


Amen (end of thread, nothing to see here and lol)


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