Consensus = Cheaters gonna cheat, trolls gonna troll (I give up)

Thanks for including ingots into the rewards for PvP. The system definitely needed to be reworked. But since that change there seems to be an uptick in crazy stats.
Moving forward I suggest that… Any players that are in top 5 in PvP each week should be automatically reported and checked out by the devs to make sure they’re legit.
Submitting player reports individually feel more often than not…a waste of time. I’m fully aware of the policy the devs feel about cheating it is what it is. I just simply wish the devs were more proactive in policing than waiting for reports and then checking players out. (My understanding is that’s the policy currently).


Other feature:

I think users who habitually make false reports of cheating on the basis of “they have more wins than me” should eventually receive a penalty for wasting the devs’ time on ego defense.

It’s probably easy to catch. I bet there’s a user who spends a lot of time reporting the top 5 every week whether or not they look suspicious.


If you don’t think there’s a constant issue with folks cheating in GoW then you have no clue what’s going on.
Furthermore, I do think there should be a way to punish people for wasting others time. Like a gem key for the Author of the thread for every time you chime in with, 80% of the time, trollish and useless comments. The gem key would be taken from your account and transferred to the other parties.


As long as it’s not 50 gems. I’ve got plenty of gem keys for charity.

There are a lot of variables going on. “This looks weird” needs some qualification. I just looked over the top 10 and they all have a 90% or better win rate, but that also seems consistent over the top 100, including some people I recognize and trust aren’t cheating. So the most suspicious thing is #1’s 98% win rate right now, but I didn’t think 90% was achievable until today so :man_cook:

Next is “time spent”. Everyone complains that 1.5 minutes per match sounds too fast for a PvP. So I put a stopwatch to 5 matches. I finished in 3 minutes, 46 seconds, or 226 seconds, or right at 0.75 minutes per match. Wow, it’s like playing thousands of PvP matches made me aware of how quickly a match should go. Let’s talk about what I did.

I could just pick 3 trophy matches. But I didn’t. The rankings aren’t just number of wins, they look at PvP points. Hmm. #1 has 75,594 total points. If I’m assuming defense wins/losses are similar to attack wins/losses, that adds up to 61.5 points per win. My 3 trophy match is +51. That’s a little fishy.

Here’s my work. Correct me if it’s wrong, I’d like to be accurate.

But quick, can you show me the algorithm for calculating PvP score so we can figure an upper bound? Ah, it’s a black box. We can’t know it so we can’t detect cheaters with this measure. I do know certain things like your guild can affect PvP rewards. Maybe there are guilds specifically set up to yield higher PvP points. I don’t know. Let’s just sit on this figure.

Anyway, I think an average of between 0.75 minutes and 1 minute per match is expected if you’re going to hit this leaderboard. How long does it take to play 1,190 matches? At that rate, between 14.875 and 19.833 hours. That’s not super suspicious, given that there have been about 30 total hours since then. I pushed a 10 hour Xenoblade Chronicles 2 session on Saturday, I have no doubt someone who wants to be on a leaderboard can spend 12-14 per day. In fact, I know someone who did well on the leaderboard one week and they claimed they were playing 14 hours daily.

So here’s where I sit in terms of “rampant cheating” based on the people you are demanding be investigated:

  • A 90% or higher win rate seems common among leaderboard-bound players. #1 currently has a 98% win rate. I’ve never achieved that, but I don’t see widespread “this is impossible” among players.
  • The amount of time spent to play the volume of games required is obsessive but within human boundaries.
  • I can’t find a way to average as many PvP points per match as these people, but I also don’t know what factors affect it and I used to get that many PvP points.

Nothing about this jumps out to me as a super-pressing issue. Do some math. Show your work. If it’s so obvious that cheating is happening, where is the evidence? I fully admit I only casually watch the leaderboard. If you come back with some math that shows superhuman/impossible feats, I’ll agree.


My concern is: Where it’ll stop?

Let’s imagine your suggestion is really implemented:

Would this really satisfy you? Or would it work only for a few moments (weeks, maybe months) until you start another thread or make an insidious comment about the devs lying or failing on such duty?

Would it come to point where you would demand?

And going further on in this fantasy reality, once the devs deliver such reports to you would this satisfy your concerns? Or would you accuse them of incompetence, or even masking the said reports to hide any rotten truths your paranoia could produce?

I don’t think there is ANYTHING the devs could do, in the current pvp system, to satisfy you and others that share such… unhealthy mindset about the game.

I think you need to reconsider your behavior in the last months and really seek professional help.


I’ll be satisfied with them looking into the top 5 winners. So far this thread response is pretty pro cheaters. Which is definitely a weird stance to take.
I’ll be even more satisfied if you don’t ever try to mislead folks by using quote type boxes to to push your hypothetical argument.
I, nor other fellow players, should be in charge of having to report players for them to get checked out. That’s all I’m saying. Don’t try to make it more than that because you’re bored today.


I think you need a better hobby than forums mental diagnoser.


If that’s truly a concern of yours then take your own advice bud.

I don’t agree with your concern.

I can win 80 3-trophy matches in an hour and if I was in a lower rank guild I’d be averaging 60+ points per match.

It’s not pro cheaters, i honestly don’t think the devs will ever give you an answer that would satisfy your concerns. They say they keep investigating and dealing with cheaters, recently some guild lost members, and trophies, and yet it’s never enough for people with your mindset. This is an ongoing work, and yet you expect hasty results…

I see. Dissent makes one “pro-cheaters”.

I’m still asking what leads you to believe the top 5 are cheating. My assertion is, like Razzagor’s, that you are paranoid and your ego cannot support the notion that there are people this much better than you at the game.

“Pro-cheater” accusations do not refute this point. Show me what makes you think they’re cheating. It will take more than gesticulating wildly at the leaderboard and saying, “See?” I see it. I did some quick math to decide if it looked reasonable. It looks like exactly what I expected: people who spend 10+ hours per day playing the game. What are you seeing that I’m not?

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I didn’t call out anyone for cheating. I said the top 5 every week should automatically be checked out by the devs. That’s it. My OP was 10 lines. Y’all have spun it into 10 paragraphs of what you wanted to say so that you could be read by at least someone.
I didn’t post this in game play chat. It was a feature request. One that can bring no harm to anyone but those who are cheating in the game. It would be great if they could check out everyone in the top 100. I chose the top 5 cause it shouldn’t be asking too much time.

But much like submitting tickets can be a waste of time. So is making a request it seems. Due to certain folks feeling the need to share their thoughts about everything under the sun.
Eventually the devs will wake up and lock this thread because that is some members purpose. To get topics completely blown out of proportion.

Just a general comment here, but please keep things civil. Discussing the topic is fine, making it personal is not.


Cheating is bad in any game or sport.
Most games or sports check out winners of their events to make sure there is no Cheating going on. It’s an endless battle.
How that can be ignored or spun into not existing is beyond my comprehension. So long as there’s tangible rewards… People are going to cheat to get them.
Automatic review of the top 5 players each week is all I’m asking for. Noting less, nothing more…

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im very suspicious of that techn9ne guy i think he hacks… :grin:


I reported MaybeSirrian… Haven’t seen him since. :person_shrugging:

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lmao probably a botter…


I’d rather like to see the automated cheat detection improved significantly instead. There are tools that make your fights “easier” (as in “won in a few seconds, no matter what you are facing”), they seem to be quite popular. Every once in a while you get to see the tip of the iceberg in all glory due to someone blatantly abusing those tools in ways apparent to those paying attention. It currently takes up to several weeks for those proven beyond any doubt cheaters to get banned, I can only imagine that less excessive abuse allows flying entirely below the radar.


The only way to address this while also addressing account sharing would be giving a limit of ranked battles a player can do. Which would also upset players if they can’t play the feature to their heart’s content and/or farm resources. If every player can only make, let’s say, 100 pvp battles then everyone is on the same boat regarding the amount of possible points you can earn. So the leaderboard wouldn’t be defined by the people with more time on their hands/sharing accs/using “accelerating cheats”, but that would also cause some certain behaviors on players that would try to exploit the system for more points on each battle and such…

Another alternative to at least aleviate the issues of players not being able to farm resources, mostly trophies, on PVP would be making only the first 100 battles count towards the leaderboard score, after that the player could still farm gold/glory/trophies and test his teams, but he wouldn’t accumulate points anymore.

This wouldn’t prevent these “accelerators cheats” from getting tons of resources by the way, but could offer a better competitive experience than we have right now and maybe ease, for a while, the anguish some players feel with the actual state of things…

A You are always convinced that somebody must be cheating. Satisfying your paranoia (which can’t be done, by the way) doesn’t need to be anywhere on the devs to do list. You post a thread like this every week. You will ignore any evidence presented to you except that which confirms your preconceived notions. Give it up. You used to be charming. Now you’re just a bore.