PvP Leaderboards (maybe all leaderboards)

Devs please have a staff member spend 5 minutes to check the PvP leaderboards on a daily basis looking for strange activity. The current ranked PvP leaderboards is a joke right now. And it shouldn’t be the responsibility of your players to have to report any possible hackers on it to see the the accounts get banned. Even if it’s just one (proven guilty before) hacker cheating with multiple accounts.
You can preemptively lock this thread @Lyya. I’m not trying to cause trouble here. I just literally want my request to happen please.


I don’t see anything suspicious myself (wins/levels/guild level/points add up). But just in case you are referring to Dominant topping the trophy charts for the moment (which is indeed unique), that’s because we are running an internal competition where the winner will receive an actual prize (the upcoming game Anthem). So we have a couple of players who are very dedicated to PvP right now to win something more than an Orb of Growth for a change :slight_smile:

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Has nothing to do with you or your guild.
I obviously can’t go into specifics. But if you don’t see anything strange you may want to look closer. Otherwise, cool, I want the devs to look for strange behavior. Not the other players. Hopefully the devs can see what I see. Otherwise, we’re all franked. 🤷

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Gonna lay this out again:

In many other games I have played, you do not get prizes immediately after a competitive event ends. There is always a delay of a few days to a week. During that time, the devs go over the prize-winning players and decide if cheating happened. Cheaters are removed, then prizes are awarded to the people who didn’t cheat.

In those games, no one actually cares or complains when a cheater hits the leaderboard because they never actually get prizes.

I used to joke and laugh in these threads but one too many times it turned out awryan was right so now I just kind of assume the PvP leaderboard’s actually just a list of cheaters.


Not everyone is… Just at least one bad apple is spoiling it for the rest. Any time a player is banned from the game for hacking. Then that same player comes back with at least 5 highly active accounts… It should raise a red flag in any experienced eyes. But the point of the thread is… someone has to look to see it. And it can’t fall on the software that catches bots or other players to report.
Basically if the forums can be checked, then the leaderboards can be checked as well.


I don’t disagree with the sentiment. So long as this discussion revolves around the perceived lack of dev oversight — and a call to action by concerned players — I see no reason to lock the thread. Suggesting means by which the leaderboards can be better policed or kept clean of cheaters is a valuable community exercise.

Just (to everyone participating, not just the OP) don’t start finger-pointing at specific players, please. As always, if you suspect an individual of cheating, please submit a support ticket or PM @Saltypatra or @Cyrup with your concerns.


Good suggestion. I do say all leaderboards.


Alright, just wanted to make sure that part was clear :slight_smile: Based on your comment, I had a look again, and now I know what you mean (I only looked at the top 6 at first). Clearly something near impossible is going on there, yes. I agree.

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Oh. Yeah. I just had a look too. Something there is definitely… odd.

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Yar’all just a suspicious lot…:wink:


You still get my like but you are totally a joke thief :grin:

Must be PC LB. I’m seeing usual on Xbox.

Yes is on pc, if i got it right are those 2 with same name and same guild, low lvl (around lvl 100), that are (or was) in the top ten with 1300 matches.

No clue about the duplicated name, but as x matches is defo possible and score show he/she/it is doing 2 throphy matches or even 1 throphy (not relly sure how many point get a lowbye with a guild with no bonuses on 1 throphy).

There’s a lvl 1190 player with the same name and the same guild post rank 20 in the leaderboard. Certainly sounds fishy. @awryan could be right or wrong in pointing it out here on the forum, but this needs a look into.

Update: I see 4 of them in the top 50, going by a player from TBO. Disrespect to the player, it is.

I certainly did not call out the name. Because that is against the community guidelines. Knowing that the OP was riding the line, I requested a mod to supervise the thread. 🤷

The original player with that name was banned 2 months ago (he had all 5 available delves at 2500 faction renown at that time).

No idea why all these accounts/players took his name.

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I assume, they are all him, considering they are all in the same guild for the most part.
I see it as a big F U to the devs. They’re not being secretive about it at all. It’s one player lighting up fireworks in the south, but the devs are looking towards the north with head phones on.
I’m in the North holding up a sign saying “look behind you once in a while”.


Sorry man. My bad. Edited the post.

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Still 4 of them in the top 30 of the PVP leaderboard… :frowning: :angry:

Someone else can report them. I think it’s ridiculous that as blatant as it is. It seems the policy is a player HAS to report another player for the devs to look into them. Or the software that catches cheaters has to alert them.