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I for see a 🔒 being attached in about 12 hours, but

Thank you, thank you, thank you to the devs for cracking down on the mass surge of cheating.
I sincerely hope that the code name of your new system to identify cheaters is “Goldberg”. :joy:


Such a genuine post! :+1:

What do these “Weekly Change” numbers mean ?

When cheaters are removed from a guild, the guild also loses all the trophies a cheater generated.

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These are taken from Taran’s World, the “guild rankings” page. Weekly change shows the difference in the number of trophies in one week from the week before. Usually this is a positive number since you can’t lose trophies. But when the Devs remove a cheater, as UKR said, all their trophies are deducted from the guild which results in a negative score.

AW Ryan took a screenshot from the page that shows only the top ~80 guilds, which updates every few hours. On Monday we’ll be able to see the same stats for many other guilds which updates weekly. Can’t wait!


Thanks. I use this site from time to time, but only for troops spoilers and chest odds. I’m not so positive crazy about guild numbers, but still good to see that Devs do their job well :slight_smile:


It is a breath of fresh air to finally see the devs make this a priority. It is a start but there are many more cheaters that need to go to restore the integrity of this game we all love to play. Hopefully the devs have tools to monitor returning cheaters who simply make new accounts and come back.

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Yes, thanks a lot. I admit I was sceptical when I saw some players who have been reported continue cheating, notably one who farm on himself more trophies than the 30 members of the 2nd guild together for 2 weeks.

Now, some of the cheaters have been banned (including the former N°1 of the PvP leaderboard) and the competition will slowly begin to feel fair again. Of course, there are still cheaters on the leaderboards - yes, I look at you who are doing PvP in around 15s per match with over 99,9% win- , but at least things are going better and any rightful ban makes me rejoice and have faith in the support again.

I have already said it twice but I’ll go for a third : thanks for this step toward a fair competition !

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Something that is not usually very clear when these issues arise:

  • It would be unwise from the devs’ part to comment/mention every time they investigate and create a new tool to detect cheaters. After all, it’s easier to get people “redhanded” if they don’t know they are being monitored.

  • Everytime the devs patch a breach/exploit the cheaters will try something new and it may take a while for the devs to work on a new solution. So as much as we would love to see blazing-fast solutions coming out of Sirrian’s hat we should be reasonable and understand that some major issues could even require a full update, like 3.5.1, to be submitted to all plataforms, wait for approval and then be applied…

  • At last, the devs can’t post a “Cheater’s leaderboard” to expose those people (as much as it would sound entertaining or fair to some of us) because there is a chance that someone could be unfairly banned, and even if the person is Dick Dastardly him/herself, name and shame is a bad business from legal standpoints.

With that being said, i’m always happy to see some cleaning being made.


Several games post the names of people on the ban list

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It’s up to them if they want to risk being legally prosecuted or not.

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legally prosecuted for shaming cheating on their game and posting someones acc name which prob is just a random name? xD


You need to understand, we are still living on a society that is held together by law enforcement of a generation of judges and attorneys which are largely and literally disconnected from the current advancements in e-business. Have you seen Mark Zuckerberg being interviewed by the congress?

Better be safe than sorry.


Only a part of the trophies most of the time. And there is not always a trophy penalty for the guild.

It is a good thing that the devs made some cleaning. Unfortunately the most obvious cheaters are still in the game. If they can’t detect something wrong with someone who has been making 90K trophies each week for more than a month now, it is quite worrying.


@awryan potentially naming them after this lot :joy:


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We have never released a banned player list for many of the reasons that @Razzagor has mentioned earlier. On top of this, we don’t want to incite witch hunts or unfairly penalise guilds that welcomed people who were cheating unknowingly. It isn’t good for the long-term health of the game and community, as these things tend to get very toxic very quickly.

As such, we quietly ban players in the background and will continue to do so moving forward. :heart:


This is only 30 000 x 3 trophy battles or 3000 arena run :joy:

Pretty sure he is not banned yet cause there is no hardcore dev player so they have no clue about what is possible or not to do in a week

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Gems of War has revolutionized the way many feel about Mondays anymore. I will forever want the reset time to change to 12 am central time. But Monday raining down with rewards should never change.

Arena. On Warlord IV apparently. :slight_smile:
Yes. Unfortunately the devs seem to be unable to detect some trainers and they don’t seem to have any clue of what is possible or not.


Common sense to me would dictate. If the guild is doing more trophies than the #1 or #2 guild and the guild is brand new. Something is definitely up.